What Is Delicious?

An Intro to the Popular Social Bookmarking Tool

Bookmarks in a Book

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Delicious was acquired on June 1, 2017 by another bookmarking site (Pinboard) and the service was discontinued. We've left the following article for information purposes.

Delicious was a tool that was around for a long time and was recognized as one of the leading platforms for social bookmarking. You used to be able to use it to discover, share and organize important links so you always knew where to find them again later.

How Did People Use Delicious?

Users signed up for Delicious with a free account. Once they did that, they could start adding links and discovering new links from the community or based on what people in their network were sharing.

Any link a user found around the web that they thought was worth saving, they could add to their Delicious account. The platform made it easy to do that by offering a range of web tools that helped users save new links with a click of their mouse.

The bookmarklet, for example, was something you could add to your browser. When you came across a great page online that you wanted to save to Delicious, all you had to do was just click that button. You also used to be able to get Delicious browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

A Breakdown of the Main Delicious Features

Delicious was very intuitive to use, but now that it's no longer around, we've broken each individual feature with a brief summary for a friendly reminder. There were seven main tabs you were able to see on the left side of your screen when you were signed into your Delicious account.

Search: You could use Delicious itself to find great content around the web as opposed to searching for it on your own. The search bar let you search by tag name, username, keywords or combinations of those three options.

My Links: This was where you saw a list of all the links you added to Delicious. Whenever you added one manually, used the bookmarklet or one of the browser extensions, your links would show up here in a neat and tidy list.

Network: This tab basically represented your social news feed in Delicious. If you signed up for Delicious using one of your social accounts like Facebook or Twitter, then the links shared by the people you were connected to in this networks would show up in this tab if they also used Delicious. If you didn't see anything in this tab yet, you could connect your social accounts to find your friends who were using Delicious.

Discover: You could use this tab to follow specific tags related to your interests. All you had to do was click subscribe some tags and start entering some keywords. Links shared by other users with that added tag would show up. You could subscribe to as many tags you like.

Trending: This was a more recent section added by Delicious that gave you a glimpse of the types of news stories and events that people were talking about right now. The tags and links suggested were based on your interests. You could add any link to your own account and even upvote it or downvote it to contribute to the community-driven trending topics.

Add Link: You could use this tab to manually add a link to Delicious. This was done by copying and pasting the link into the given field and then optionally editing the title or adding some tags to help other users discover it. You could save it when you were done and it would appear in your My Links section.

Settings: This was where you could build a user profile, connect your other social accounts, import or export existing bookmarks, change your password and more. 

Delicious also had mobile apps for iOS and Android devices so you could save links easily when you're browsing on a mobile device too. Anything you saved from the desktop web or on mobile would automatically be synced across your account so you always had the most up to date links no matter where you were using it.