What Does DD Stand For?

All about this web/texting abbreviation

You might hear someone being called a DD and wonder what it stands for. Or, maybe you received an email or text with the letters DD and need to know what that particular instance of DD is referring to.

DD Stands for:

Dear Daughter


Darling Daughter

How DD Is Used

The correct meaning of DD can only be determined after understanding the context and how it's being used.

Most often, DD stands for "dear daughter" or "darling daughter," a form of digital affection and identification used by a parent of the daughter in question.

DD used in a message.

Examples of DD in Use

Most often, people use DD in posts or comments on platforms concerning family matters, such as a parenting group or a school Facebook page.

Example 1

"My DD should be back from the Cayman Islands next week."

Example 2

"DD and I are going for brunch this weekend."

Example 3

Social Media Post: "Please introduce yourself to the group and share a little about your family."

Commenter: "Hi everyone, thanks for the add! My DD is in pre-k at Little Hands, and I'm looking forward to meeting other moms."

Similar family acronyms include DS (dear son), LO (little one), DW (dear wife), and DH (dear husband). Other relationship acronyms include BF (boyfriend), GF (girlfriend), and BFF (best friends forever).

Other DD Meanings

There are different accepted meanings for the acronym. One alternate definition is "designated driver," the person who doesn't drink when out with friends or family and who drives everyone home safely.

"Sure, I'll be the DD tonight if you'll do it next week."

"You can't be the DD. You've already had too much to drink."

Less often, you may see DD used to mean "Due Diligence" or to refer to a woman's chest size. DD can also stand for "Definite Doink," which could be understood as someone very attractive.

When to Use DD

DD, like most internet acronyms, is best used in casual personal texts and messages between family and friends. However, it's better to avoid using any internet acronyms in professional communications for the sake of clarity.

Some internet acronyms like DD have even spilled over into our spoken language. You may hear a mother refer to her daughter as her DD in a conversation or a teen refer to her BFF. These acronyms have joined the standard crossover terms OMG (oh my god) and LOL (laughing out loud) in the English language.​

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