What Is Catster?

An intro to the popular site made for every cat lover

Cats Looking at Laptop
Photo © Benjamin Torode / Getty Images

You don't have to be heavily plugged into the web to know that the Internet absolutely loves cats. And if you love cats too, then Catster may be worth checking out.

What Is Catster?

Catster used to be known as a social network for cat owners, but today, it's mostly considered to be both a great informational resource and thriving community for anyone who owns or loves cats. If you have questions about cat ownership or just want to connect with other like-minded, cat-loving people, then the Catster community is definitely something you want to join!

Let's briefly explore some of the main resource features of the site before we dive into the community section. On Catster, you can enjoy:

Newsworthy Top Story Articles on the Front Page

Get caught up on seasonal cat trends, heartwarming cat stories and informative cat facts by browsing the front page of the site.

Cat Videos

Watch entertaining and informative "Ask a Cat Lady" videos.

The "Book of Cat" Section

Get resources on cat breeds, kittens, foods, treats, health, behavior and training.

The Opportunity to Ask a Specific Question

Under the Answers tab, you can submit a cat-related question so that members of the community can help you out.

Cat Photos

Just want to look at cute kitties? Browse through the Photos tab and select which photos you want to view by category.

The Opportunity to Adopt a Cat

Catster's Adoption tab points you to Petcha.com, which allows you to search for cats that need adopting in your area.

The Opportunity to Subscribe to Catster Magazine

If you can't get enough cats online, you can subscribe to Catster Magazine and get more cat-loving information in print as well.

Catster Community

Given that the site used to be a cat-inspired social network, Catster still has a wildly active community today. When you join as a community member, you get:

Your Own Community Homepage

With featured forums, featured groups, the "cat of the day" and more.

Access to Groups

Users of a group can message each other, share photos, create event calendars, and discuss topics in forums.

Access to Forums

The forums include cat topic-specific boards where you can ask questions, explore ideas, share interests, and offer support to other users.

Local Listings

Find cat-friendly services near your location, and read reviews or write your own to help out other cat owners.

A Game Center

Play three different cat-specific online games.

Your Own Diary

Write diary entries about your cats and read through other public entries from other Catster community members.

In addition to all these great community features, you also get a bunch of personal account settings and options when you sign up with Catster. Add users as pals, read your "paw mail," check out the gift store, get a glimpse of your own forum activity, or even check out your recent pal or corral activity.

Catster really is the ultimate place to be online for all things cats. And hey, if you still want more, then consider checking out what Lifewire.com's Cats Expert has to offer too!