Bumble SuperSwipe: What It Is and How to Use It

Really, really like someone? Use this premium feature to stand out

A Bumble SuperSwipe is a premium feature that's essentially a supercharged version of a regular like, which you can use to let someone know you like them more than everyone else you're liking/swiping right on.

How a SuperSwipe Differs From a Regular Like

On Bumble, you can swipe right on anyone's profile to like them. This is the standard (and free) way to connect with people.

When you give someone a SuperSwipe, this lets them know you really like them. It's basically a way to stand out among the competition.

What the Other Person Sees

When you SuperSwipe someone, they'll see a badge appear above your name labeled "SuperSwiped you!" when your profile shows up while they're browsing for potential matches. This should immediately capture their attention and encourage them to give your profile a good look over before deciding to pass or like.

You might also be interested in Bumble's Spotlight feature if you want to stand out amongst the crowd.

How Much Does a SuperSwipe Cost?

It varies depending on your location, but in general, a single SuperSwipe can be used by spending a single Bumble Coin, which costs about two to three dollars each.

You can, however, buy Bumble Coins in bulk to save money—up to nearly 40% compared to buying Bumble Coins one at a time. In fact, you can purchase up to 20 Bumble Coins at one time, meaning you'll get 20 SuperSwipes to spend.

How to Use SuperSwipe on Bumble

The following instructions can be followed for Bumble's iOS and Android apps. Screenshots are provided for iOS only, but Android users should be able to follow along with very few differences between the two platforms.

  1. When you find a profile on Bumble that you want to apply a SuperSwipe to, tap the heart or star icon (depending on whether you're using Date mode, BFF mode, or Bizz mode) to the right of their name.

  2. You'll be asked whether you want to purchase 30 Bumble Coins (your best value), 15 Bumble Coins, five Bumble Coins, or one Bumble Coin. Tap the Bumble Coin package you want to buy to proceed with purchasing.

    How to use the Super Swipe feature on Bumble.
  3. Your Bumble Coin purchase is made through the App Store if you're using the iOS app or the Google Play Store if you're using the Android app. Confirm your purchase through the App Store or the Google Play Store to process the transaction.

  4. Now any time you want to give someone a SuperSwipe on Bumble, just tap the heart or star icon on their profile and you'll automatically use one Bumble Coin from your purchase.

    Keep in mind that anyone you give a SuperSwipe to is not immediately sent a notification and therefore won't see your SuperSwipe right away. They'll only see your SuperSwipe once your profile appears while they're browsing the app.

Undoing a SuperSwipe

Unfortunately, just like regular likes/right swipes, there's currently no way to undo SuperSwipes on Bumble. If you accidentally SuperSwipe someone and they like you back, you can explain that it was a mistake or ignore their message until the message time limit expires.

It can be really easy to accidentally SuperSwipe a profile, so make sure you're paying attention when you tap and swipe across your device's screen. Doing so will help save you from having to buy additional Bumble Coins and prevent any confusion amongst people who thought you were interested in them.

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