What Is Bumble Boost?

How to use it to your advantage

Bumble Boost is a premium subscription offered by the popular dating platform Bumble. You get several advanced features to help increase your chances of making high-quality connections, in addition to everything included in the free version.

What's Included With Bumble Boost

When you sign up for a Bumble Boost subscription, you can immediately see who has already swiped right to like you (without swiping on them yet), rematch with connections that have expired, extend your matches for another 24 hours before they expire, and search for matches with unlimited filters.

An iPhone showing Bumble Boost.

You might also be interested in another one of Bumble's premium features, called Bumble Spotlight, which is separate from Bumble Boost.

See Who's Already Liked You (Beeline)

When you use Bumble's free version, the only way to tell if someone has liked you is after you've also liked them, because mutual likes create a match. However, one of the unique features of Bumble Boost is the Beeline—a queue you can access of people who've already seen your profile and swiped right to like you.

To get the most out of your Beeline, focus more on connecting with people in your Beeline and less on browsing the app to wait for connections to be made the traditional way. You know that people in your Beeline are already interested in you, so there's an increased chance of a higher quality of connection.

Rematch With Expired Connections

When a match is made between two people, the female user has 24 hours to start the conversation. From that point, the male user has 24 hours to respond. If either one forgets to message or respond to a match, you can't get that match back unless you wait for them to appear in the app again or you use Bumble Boost's rematch feature, which lets you reconnect with as many expired matches as you want.

To get the most out of rematching, prioritize the matches you're most interested in by spending your time messaging them and don't fret about other matches that expire. When you have more time, check back through your expired matches to see if there's anyone worth reconnecting with.

Extend Your Matches by 24 Horus

Bumble's free version allows each user one 24-hour extension that can be used per day to help extend the short 24-hour time period of starting a conversation or responding to matches. With Bumble Boost, you can apply an unlimited number of extensions to matches—so you have the opportunity to extend every match instead of having to choose just one.

To get the most out of extensions, don't be afraid to have conversations with lots of matches all at once, because you can always extend the time limit for the ones you can't get to in time. You can also take more time to think about the right thing to say or be generous by giving matches more time to respond.

Search With Unlimited Filters

Bumble's filters help you find matches with similar interests, characteristics, and other criteria. With the free version, you can only search for matches using up to two filters. With Bumble Boost, you can search for matches using all of the filters.

To get the most out of filters, navigate to your profile tab, tap the gear icon in the top left, then tap Set advanced Date/BFF/Bizz filters. Set up as many filters as you want on the following tab, then tap the plus beside any filter to add it to your filters for your potential connections.

How Much Does Bumble Boost Cost?

Bumble Boost is about $25 for a monthly subscription, depending on your location. You can also sign up for a weekly subscription, quarterly subscription, or one-time lifetime fee.

To sign up for Bumble Boost:

  1. Navigate to your profile tab, then tap the gear icon in the top left.

  2. Tap Boost beneath your profile picture.

  3. Choose the type of subscription you want to sign up for, then tap Continue,

  4. Confirm your subscription either through the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

    It's easy to cancel your Bumble Boost subscription if you decide you no longer need or want to use it—or alternatively, delete your Bumble account altogether.

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