Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN)

Definition: Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking, a.k.a., Bluetooth DUN, is a means of wirelessly tethering your cell phone to another mobile device like a laptop for Internet access, using your cell phone's data capabilities.

Using Your Bluetooth Cell Phone as a Modem

There are a couple of ways to wirelessly use your cell phone as a modem via Bluetooth. You can follow instructions for creating a Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) for Internet access, for example, or first pair your cell phone and laptop and then use carrier-specific software and instructions for using your cell phone as a modem.

The Bluetooth DUN instructions below, however, are the "old school" way of tethering using dial-up networking. They require a username and password and dial-up access number from your wireless provider.

Bluetooth DUN Instructions

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone (typically found in the Settings or Connections menu of your mobile phone).
  2. In that Bluetooth menu, select the option to make the phone discoverable or visible via Bluetooth.
  3. On your laptop, go to the Bluetooth program manager (found in the Control Panel's Network Settings or directly under the Computer directory or possible in your computer manufacturer's program menu) and select to add a new connection for your cell phone.
  4. Once connected, right-click on the cell phone icon and select the option to connect via Dial-up Networking (note: your menus may be different. You may find the DUN option instead in the Bluetooth options menu).
  5. You may be prompted for a PIN to enter into both your laptop and cell phone (try 0000 or 1234) for the pairing.
  1. You'll also need to input a username, password, and phone number or access point name (APN) provided by your ISP or wireless provider. (If in doubt, contact your wireless provider or do a Web search for your carrier's APN settings; you may also find the settings in an international GPRS Mobile APN settings list.)

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    Also Known As: bluetooth tethering, tethering

    Common Misspellings: blue tooth DUN, BlueTooth DUN

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