What Is BFF? What Does BFF Stand For?

Enjoy the LOLs with your BFFs

An illustration of the term 'bff' being used on a smartphone.

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BFF is a texting abbreviation showing digital affection in the 21st Century.

BFF Stands for:

Best Friends Forever

How BFF Is Used

BFF is often used as an adolescent expression by teenage girls to express camaraderie but is sometimes used by adults to humorously describe their close friends. This expression is used both in uppercase or lowercase format when typed into an email or instant message.

Example of 'BFF' In Text Usage

The term BFF appears in texting, game chat and even (usually ironically) in real-life conversation. The following example illustrates how the term might be used during a text-messaging conversation:

Sally: I need your help.

Jane: Wut u need?

Sally: I need you to help paint my living room next weekend

Jane: WHA

Sally: I'm painting the living room. And as my BFF you are obliged to help me

Jane: So that's how it is

Sally: Yup. This is universal law.

Jane: And what exactly should a BFF bring with her to your painting party?

Sally: just wear your ratty clothes and a ball cap.

Related Abbreviations

BFF is similar to several other common internet acronyms and slang terms.


This acronym is considered casual slang. Avoid using it in professional contexts, and don't use it during in-person speech unless you're trying to sound funny.