What Is Apple News Plus

How Apple's subscription news service works

Apple News Plus

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Apple News Plus is a new content subscription service offering unique and untethered access to hundreds of magazines each month. The service is Apple's answer to fake news and unchecked information circulating the web, and aims to release the stress of having to maintain multiple subscriptions to keep up with magazines.

How is Apple New Plus Different From Apple News?

Apple News Plus is a paid extension of Apple News, an RSS feed that curates all the top news content from across the web. The service lives within the Apple News app and subscribers can see all free and paid content.

Apple News Plus

Apple News Plus is an addition to this feed, adding magazine-style content that would typically be hidden behind separate subscription paywalls. Apple News Plus specific features include the ability to save content for offline access and sharing subscriptions with up to six other iOS or Mac users through Family Sharing.

How to Access Apple News Plus

Users can access Apple News Plus through the Apple News app on a compatible iPhone or iPad running iOS 12.2 or a Mac computer running macOS Mojave 10.14.4. You can easily find the subscription service through the Apple News Plus tab within the Apple News app.

To subscribe, select Get Started > Try It Free. Confirm your payment information with Touch ID or Face ID.

Apple News Plus is only available in the U.S. and Canada, though Apple plans to increase availability to other countries and territories in the coming months. Availability for Australia and Europe will begin in fall 2019.

How Much Is Apple News Plus?

An Apple News Plus subscription is $9.99 per month in the U.S. and $12.99 in Canada, and is only available on a month-to-month basis. Apple is offering a 30-day free trial of Apple News Plus, which will begin as soon as you select Try It Free.

The Apple News Plus free trial will end immediately whenever you cancel. If you want to keep the trial until the very end you'll have to cancel before it renews automatically.

To cancel an Apple News Plus free trial, launch the Apple News app, select the Following tab, then select Manage Subscriptions > Cancel Free Trial.

How to Browse Apple New Plus

Once subscribed, users will have direct access to Apple News Plus content through the Apple News app. To specifically find Apple News Plus content, tap the Apple News Plus tab located at the bottom navigation bar of an iPhone display or on the sidebar on an iPad or Mac computer.

What Are the Content Highlights of Apple News Plus?

There are over 300 magazines included in Apple News Plus, across a number of categories, including lifestyle, entertainment, news and politics, business and finance, science and technology, travel and regional, sports, outdoors, cars, health, style and beauty, hobbies, kids and parents, food, and homes and garden. There are also over thirty Canadian magazines included within the Apple News Plus subscription.

Users also have access to newspapers, including The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Star (a Canadian publication), and digital subscriptions, including The Skimm, The Highlight by Vox, Vulture, Grub Street, The Cut, and TechCrunch.

How to Read Content on Apple News Plus

A lot of the content on Apple News Plus is displayed in Apple News Format (ANF). This content is optimized to be animated and interactive, with cover images that move, and table of contents lists that will take you to your desired section of a magazine with one tap. Users can also easily navigate content intended to be enjoyed in full screen.

Apple News Plus

However, not all of the magazines included in Apple News Plus comes in this format. Many back issues of magazines are available in PDF format, with a standard swipe to progress through the content as the only function. Archives are available through March 2018 in PDF form for most magazines, though users can also access more current magazine issues in PDF format if they desire.

How to Subscribe to an Apple News Plus Magazine

Apple News Plus allows users to follow magazines to keep up to date with the latest issues in one location by adding them to the My Magazines section. Magazine suggestions based on your reading and browsing history may also temporarily show up in My Magazines to encourage you to subscribe permanently.

To follow a magazine, users can scroll to find and access the publication of their choice, then select the heart icon located in the top navigation bar. For a second option, users can use the Apple News search bar to find the magazine they wish to follow, then select the heart icon.

How to Download and Manage Offline Content on Apple News Plus

Apple News Plus allows users to download content to access when offline. To initiate a download, select the cloud-shaped download icon below the cover preview of any Apple News Plus publication.

Once you've downloaded an Apple News Plus magazine, it will remain on your device for 30 days, then automatically deleted. Users will only have the option to delete magazines before 30 days if their device storage is low. In this case, you must have Apple's Optimize iPhone Storage option enabled to clear away old magazines.

Magazines you follow will automatically download to your device each month.