What Is Android System Intelligence?

It’s part of the operating system that enables smart features like live translation

Android System Intelligence is a core component of the Android operating system that’s responsible for a lot of smart features, like providing automatic response options and keeping the screen on as long as the camera detects that you’re looking at it. Since this is a component of the Android OS that performs a lot of useful functions, there’s no need to worry if you notice that it’s running on your phone. You can disable Android System Intelligence if you want, but doing so will cause a lot of features to stop working.

What Is Android System Intelligence, and Do I Need It?

Android System Intelligence is a component of Android OS that supports a variety of smart features. In addition to supporting smart features, it also protects your user data in the process. Since it requires system permissions and often passes potentially sensitive information from one place to another, this protection is key. In older versions of Android, it was known as Device Personalization Services, with the new name designed to reflect the fact that it supports smart functions.

While you don’t technically need System Intelligence for your phone to work on a very basic level, like making phone calls, a lot of features won’t function without it. If you ever use any of these features, then you do need Android System Intelligence. For example, your phone would stop providing automatically generated reply options, and the clipboard would stop working correctly if you shut off System Intelligence.

What Features Does Android System Intelligence Support?

Android System Intelligence supports a wide variety of smart features that leverage machine learning to improve your user experience. Here are some of the most important features that are enabled by System Intelligence:

  • Attention sensor: Using input from the front-facing camera, System Intelligence can keep your phone screen on as long as it determines that you are looking at the screen. This prevents the screen from timing out and shutting off when you’re watching a video but lets the screen turn off if you aren’t watching anymore.
  • Autorotation: This feature rotates the screen orientation automatically based on the orientation of the phone.
  • Automatic captions: This feature is capable of generating live captions for media that doesn’t have captions available.
  • Smart text selection: Enables targeted actions when you select the text, like long-pressing an address to view directions.
  • Live translation: Capable of translating text in live conversations and videos.
  • Voice Typing: Allows you to dictate through Assistant.
  • Now Playing: Automatically listens for and identifies music around you, and displays information on the lock screen.
  • Notification management: Inserts useful action buttons into notifications, allowing a notification to open a relevant app or provide necessary information when tapped.
  • Smart clipboard: Improves the copy and paste system, making it easier to copy information and move it between apps.

Can Android System Intelligence Cause Problems?

Android System Intelligence is a key component of the Android operating system, so it usually doesn’t cause problems. There have been instances of crashes related to Android System Intelligence, but this is usually only seen in beta builds of the operating system.

If you experience crashes or other bugs related to Android System Intelligence, you may want to report it to Google and check for Android updates and updates for the System Intelligence app in the Google Play Store. You can also uninstall System Intelligence updates to see if it works better with an earlier version, and may want to disable the component until a fix becomes available.

Can You Uninstall Android System Intelligence?

You can’t uninstall Android System Intelligence, because it’s a core component of the Android operating system. However, you can uninstall Android System Intelligence updates the same way you would with any other app in the Play Store. This can cause issues though, as System Intelligence may not work properly if its updates are uninstalled. It may even become more unstable and cause additional issues.

If you have a specific reason to uninstall Android System Intelligence, here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Google Play, and tap your profile picture next to the search box.

  2. Tap Manage apps & devices.

  3. Tap Manage.

    Initial steps to uninstall Android System Intelligence on an Android phone.
  4. Locate and tap Android System Intelligence.

  5. Tap Uninstall.

    Final steps to uninstall Android System Intelligence on an Android phone.

It's Safe to Turn Off Android System Intelligence, Here's How

Turning Android System Intelligence off is safe, but it can cause a number of inconveniences. Some core features can stop working if Android System Intelligence is turned off, and the operating system itself may become unstable. Shutting it off doesn’t pose any security risks though, so you can turn it off if it’s causing problems.

Here’s how to disable Android System Intelligence:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Tap Apps.

  3. Tap See all apps.

  4. Scroll down, and tap Android System Intelligence.

    Initial steps to turn off Android System Intelligence on an Android phone.
  5. Tap Disable.

  6. Tap Disable app.

    Final steps to turn off Android System Intelligence on an Android phone.
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