What Does MPN Mean?

How to Open, Edit, and Convert MPN Files

MPN is an acronym for both manufacturer part number and Microsoft Partner Network. However, it's also a file format that might belong to a video game platform or pattern design software program.

Manufacturer part numbers are often abbreviated PN or P/N, and are identifiers for a specific part used in a specific industry. For example, both your computer and your vehicle have a number of parts, of which there are several MPNs that describe each component and make it easy to purchase a part should it go missing or need replaced. However, don't confuse part numbers with unique serial numbers.

Microsoft Partner Network used to be called Microsoft Partner Program, and might be abbreviated as MSPP. It's a network of technology companies that Microsoft can easily share resources with so that those companies can use the same tools and information to build Microsoft related products.

A file with the MPN file extension might be a Mophun Game file created with Synergenix Interactive's video game platform called Mophun. It's an environment meant to run video games for mobile devices. If not related to Mophun, an MPN file might be a Media Container Format file or a Macphun Noiseless Image file.

MPN files in Windows 10

MPN stands for several other things too, like most probably number and Master Promissory Note.

How to Open an MPN File

A certain game emulator is necessary in order to open MPN files that are related to Mophun but their official website link (mophun.com) is no longer active, so there isn't a download or purchase link available.

However, some devices, like the Archos Gmini 402 camcorder/multimedia player, have the Mophun game engine built-in. You can copy the .MPN file directly into the root directory of the device to automatically install the game. With this device specifically, it will delete the MPN file after installation. You can read more about this procedure in the Gmini 402 user manual.

That user manual is in the PDF format and requires a PDF reader to be installed in order to read it.

CarveWright software might be able to open MPN files that are Media Container Format files.

How to Convert an MPN File

Normally, file conversions can be performed with a dedicated file converter program or online service, but that's not always the case. Sometimes, you need to use the program that can read/open the file; they usually have some sort of Export or Save as option available.

Due to the obscurity of these file formats, an MPN file can most likely only be converted to a different file format if you use the same program that opens it.

In other words, to convert your Mophun Game file, if it's even possible, you should try using the same tools that created the file or can open the game. The same goes for the other file formats mentioned above, like if the MPN file belongs to the CarveWright software or is an image file used by the Noiseless program.

Still Can't Open the File?

Some file formats might share some of the same file extension letters as "MPN" but that doesn't mean they have anything to do with the MPN file format or with any other meaning of the MPN acronym. Be sure to double-check the file extension to make sure it reads "MPN" and not just something similar.

One example is NMP files, which are NewsMaker Project files that open with NewsMaker from EyePower Games. They might share all of the same file extension letters but it's a completely different file format with no relation to Mophun Game files or Media Container Format files.

Another is MPP, which is the file extension that belongs to Microsoft Project files and MobileFrame Project Publisher files. They don't open with any of the programs mentioned on this page but instead with Microsoft Project and MobileFrame, respectively.

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