What Is an Internet Cafe? Find and Use Internet Cafes

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Internet cafes, or cybercafes, are places that have computers available, usually for a fee, that you can use to go online. Internet cafes can be set up in actual eating/drinking establishments, cruise ships, or other types of locations. Besides using the computer workstation, you may also be able to print or scan documents, depending on the Internet cafe.

Internet cafes are particularly useful for traveling, as they're pretty common in many countries, you don't have to have a computer with you (as opposed to using a wi-fi hotspot), and using an Internet cafe can be inexpensive if you're only renting the computer to check email, share digital photos, or use VoIP for short periods of time.

In many countries where computers and Internet access are not widely available or affordable, Internet cafes also provide the local population Internet benefits.

Finding and Using an Internet Cafe

There are a few global cybercafe directories that can help you find an Internet cafe near your destination. Be sure to check in advance with the Internet cafe for their rates and service availability.

Other tips for using Internet cafes:

  • Bring along a USB flash drive with your portable programs, settings, and documents. The good thing about this method is you can have all your data with you but when you unplug the USB flash drive, none of your information remains on the computer. Make sure the USB flash drive has antispyware and antivirus installed on it.
  • If you don't use the USB flash drive method (or if the Internet cafe managers don't allow you to plug it in due to security reasons), make sure you sign out of all websites before your session ends. You don't want to leave behind any personal information at all.
  • It would be best to avoid logging on to websites that contain sensitive data like your bank account information, if at all possible!
  • If you have technical difficulties on the computer, talk to a manager and switch workstations (it'll be a lot faster than waiting for tech support).

Also Known As: cybercafe, net cafe

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