What Is an EZT File?

If your EZT file isn't a subtitles file, it could be related to a template or even a malicious file

What to Know

  • Some EZT files are subtitles used by EZTitles.
  • Use that same program, or EZConvert, to save an EZT file to SRT, XML, STL, and other similar formats.
  • Other EZT files could be template files, or even viruses (e.g., Worm.Win32.AutoRun.ezt).

This article explains what an EZT file is, how to open one on your computer (or delete one if it's a virus), and if applicable, how to convert one to a different format.

What Is an EZT File?

A file with the EZT file extension is most likely a subtitles file used by the EZTitles software. The EZT file format is similar to other subtitle formats like SRT in that they hold text that correspond to voices on a video, and are displayed alongside the video in real time.

Some EZT files have nothing to do with subtitles and are instead malicious files that can propagate through file sharing services or over email. They might even spread through removable devices like flash drives, or via shared network drives. These files might go by the name Worm.Win32.AutoRun.ezt.

Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet template files might use the EZT file extension too.

EZT Files

EZTV is the name of a torrent website, but it has nothing to do with EZT files.

How to Open EZT Files

EZT files that are used as movie subtitles can be opened with EZTitles.

Use a free antivirus program to delete a malicious file with the EZT file extension. If nothing through that link helps, upload the file to an online virus scanner to confirm that it's actually dangerous.

Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet template files are most likely associated with a program from Sunburst Digital.

How to Convert an EZT File

EZTitles can export an EZT file to a number of other formats including EZTXML, PAC, FPC, 890, STL, TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, SMI, SAMI, XML, SRT, SUB, VTT, and CAP. Another program by the makers of EZTitles, called EZConvert, can convert this file format, too.

If a file used with Sunburst software can be converted at all, it's probably only possible through the program that can open it. You can look through the Sunburst website to see their available applications.

More Information on the EZT Virus

One common place for the Worm.Win32.AutoRun.ezt virus to enter your computer is through an email attachment. It might seem like a regular document or some other file, but then secretly plant itself onto your computer. From there, it might spread elsewhere through emails you send or devices you attach to your computer.

A number of problems can arise if the EZT file isn't taken care of immediately. It might put unknown icons and shortcuts on your desktop, download more malware to your computer, steal your sensitive and private information, make changes to the Windows Registry, prompt you with real or fake warnings or errors, cause your web browser to point you to websites you don't ask for, and affect overall system performance by using up too many system resources.

If you suspect you have the Worm.Win32.AutoRun.ezt file on your computer, the very first thing you should do is scan your computer for malware using one of the tools mentioned above. If those don't work, try Malwarebytes.

Another option is to scan your computer before it starts, using what's called a bootable antivirus tool. These are especially helpful if the virus is making it hard to log in to your computer.

If the bootable AV program doesn't help, you might need to start your computer in Safe Mode and then run a virus scan from there. It might help prevent the worm from launching and make it easier to delete it.

You might also try disabling autorun in Windows to prevent the worm from spreading to your computer through a removable device.

Other Names for This Virus

This virus might be called something else depending on the antivirus program you're using, like Generic Rootkit.g, HackTool:WinNT/Tcpz.A, Win-Trojan/Rootkit.11656, Backdoor.IRCBot!sd6, or W32/Autorun-XY.

It might even be created as a file with an unrelated name and file extension, like svzip.exe, sv.exe, svc.exe, adsmsexti.exe, dwsvc32.sys, sysdrv32.sys, wmisys.exe, runsql.exe, bload.exe, and/or 1054y.exe.

Still Can't Open It?

Like mentioned above, EZT files are most likely opened with the EZTitles program. If it doesn't work there and doesn't appear to be a virus or Sunburst file, double-check that what you have is actually an EZT file.

It's really easy to confuse an ES, EST, EZS, X_T, or EZC file with an EZT file since their file extensions are so similarly spelled. However, those file extensions are not related to the programs mentioned above and are instead most likely E-Studio 1.x Experiment files, Streets & Trips map files, EZ-R Stats Batch scripts, or AutoCAD Ecscad Components backup, respectively.

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