What's Amazon Subscribe and Save?

Get a discount on your favorite Amazon products

If you do most of your shopping online, Amazon's Subscribe and Save program can save you a lot of time and money. By committing to purchase certain items you need on a regular basis, you can get household goods delivered automatically at a discount. Amazon Prime members even get free shipping.

What Is Subscribe and Save?

Instead of manually ordering the same items over and over again every time you run out, you can set up your Amazon account to automatically order items on a set time frame that you choose. Because you're agreeing to make multiple purchases over time, Amazon offers somewhere between a five and 15 percent discount on any item that you subscribe to.

The real strength of the program is convenience. When you subscribe to an item, you don't need to remember to buy it. That means you can get the things you use (and run out of) most delivered automatically. Amazon Subscribe & Save is great for necessary household items like trash bags, paper goods, and cleaning products. It's also an excellent idea for things you need daily like coffee or toothpaste.

How to Set Up Amazon Subscribe & Save

On the items where it's available, you can choose Subscribe & Save as an option when you add the item to your cart:

  1. Open your browser and head over to Amazon.com.

  2. If you're not already logged into your account, go to Account & Lists, then select Sign In and enter your account credentials.

    The Sign In button on Amazon
  3. Search for an item that you'd like delivered automatically.  When you find an item that you want to subscribe to, select Subscribe & Save in the pricing options section.

    Subscribe & Save is not listed as an option for all Amazon products.

    The "Subscribe & Save" purchase option on Amazon
  4. Below the subscription price, you'll see the options to change the quantity and set a delivery schedule. When you're set, select Subscribe now.

    You may need to enter your Amazon password a second time to confirm and move on to the checkout process 

    Delivery options and the "Subscribe Now" button for an item on Amazon
  5. On the Amazon checkout screen, you can edit any of your payment or delivery options. When you're ready, select Place your order to finalize your subscription.

    Amazon Subscribe & Save checkout

Amazon will now regularly send your item based on the schedule that you set. You'll receive your recurring shipments regularly based on the original delivery date.

How to Manage Amazon Subscribe and Save

It's possible to change your subscription settings and see what's being delivered and when:

  1. From any page on Amazon, go to Account & Lists > Your Subscribe & Save Items.

    The "Your Subscribe & Save" option on Amazon
  2. You'll arrive on a page with your upcoming deliveries listed across the top and suggested items along the bottom.  Select an item to edit the subscription.

    Amazon Subscribe & Save settings
  3. A new window will open with options to change the delivery schedule and quantity. You can also cancel your subscription. Once you save the changes, your new subscription preferences will be applied.

    If your order is already being processed, you may have to manually cancel the Amazon order.

    Change Amazon Subscribe & Save subscription