How to Use Amazon Assistant

A tool all about comparison shopping

What to Know

  • Download the app or extension. Read about the tool and select Let's Go to open the Home tab containing recommended products.
  • Go to a retail website and select a product that interests you. An Amazon Assistant banner opens where you can track the price of the item.
  • Select Other products you may like to see similar products.

This article explains how shoppers use the Amazon Assistant app and extension for comparing prices and products.

What Is Amazon Assistant?

If a software suite that works with your browser or operating system to help you compare prices and products while you shop sounds interesting, the Amazon Assistant app and browser extension might appeal to you.

Amazon Assistant is available as an extension for all major web browsers, including:

It is also available as an Android app.

Amazon Assistant provides real-time notifications of shipments and deliveries. When you browse other websites, it will display similar products on Amazon, as well as ratings and reviews.

The Your Lists tab on Amazon Assistant saves favorite products from across the internet, Amazon or otherwise, in one place. It also includes shortcuts to your order history, daily deals, and other useful info related to your Amazon account.

How to Use Amazon Assistant

Once you have the extension installed, you can begin using Amazon Assistant whenever and wherever you shop online.

  1. Start by downloading the app for an Android device from Google Play or download the extension for the web browser you use most from the Amazon Assistant web page.

    Screenshot of Amazon Assistant for Chrome
  2. To open Amazon Assistant, select the Amazon Assistant icon in your browser's list of extensions. It will look like a small green "a." Alternatively, open the app on your Android device. A welcome screen will appear.

  3. Select Get Started on the Amazon Assistant welcome screen. A preview will appear, showing what the app does.

    Screenshot of Get Started on Amazon Assistant
  4. Select Next to continue.

    Screenshot of Amazon Assistant examples
  5. Select Next again to read the rest of the overview.

  6. Read the "So how do I work?" page, then select Let's Go to continue.

    Screenshot of "So how do I work" in Amazon Assistant
  7. The Home tab of the app will open, showing recommended products based on various criteria, such as "Inspired by your shopping trends" or "Pick up where you left off," if you were browsing a product on Amazon, but didn't make a purchase.

    Screenshot of recommendations on Amazon Assistant
  8. Continue scrolling down to see categories, including Top Trending Deals, Deals of the Day, and Savings and Sales. Selecting a product in any of these sections will take you to the Amazon product page for the item in a browser window or tab.

    Screenshot of Deal of the Day in Amazon Assistant
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the home tab. Here, you can select Your orders to see current and past orders; Your lists to see you various wish lists, or Shop more deals to find even more Amazon products.

    Screenshot of Your Orders and Your Lists on Amazon Assistant

How to Use Amazon Assistant on Retail Websites

Comparing products and making lists might be the most useful features of Amazon Assistant.

  1. Navigate to a retail website and select a product that interests you.

  2. An Amazon Assistant banner will open at the top of the page.

    Screenshot of Amazon Assistant banner
  3. Select the product name in the banner to view the same product on Amazon, provided it's available there.

  4. Select the Price Tracker drop-down to view the average price of the product over the past 30 days. The Price Tracker tool shows the low, average, high, and current price of the product featured on Amazon.

    Screenshot of Price Tracker in Amazon Assistant
  5. Select the Other Products You May Like drop-down arrow to see similar products on Amazon that you might prefer or that might have better prices.

    Screenshot of Other Products You May Like on Amazon Assistant
  6. To save a product to a list, select the Amazon Assistant icon, then select the Add to List tab. Select the list to which you want to add the product. You can access the lists from Amazon Assistant or from your Amazon account.

    Screenshot of Save to List in Amazon Assistant
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