An Overview of the AirG Mobile Network

Free mobile chat, games, dating and more

AirG is an exciting, robust mobile social chat and dating service where you can meet new friends and dates locally or around the world, chat in a variety of free chat rooms, share photos and status updates, play mobile-based games and more. Download the free airG app from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. You need to create a username and password before you can explore the app.

AirG has related apps for airG users including Hookt, airGames, airG Buzz, and Hummers.

Two people chatting with Airg
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AirG App

Once you sign up for a free membership, you join the airG community of more than 100 million members globally. The airG community is a place that you can chat, flirt, and find new friends. You'll be able to see who in the community is online locally, make new friends around the world, and browse for new friends by age and location.

In the chat section of the app, you can find free airG chat rooms, open forums, and message boards

Instant AirMail is where all your messages reside, so it's easy to read and reply to contacts, friends, and matches.

Hookt App

If you've ever used Facebook, you'll be familiar with the way airG's Hookt app is structured. With the status message field at the top of the screen, you are never far from sharing your thoughts and latest activities with your airG contacts.

The panel underneath your status message field alerts you to new inbox messages, online friends, new likes, and flirt matches.

You might even be able to use Hookt to find a date.

AirG Games App

Go beyond traditional social networking features and play games on your phone, including Big Barn World and Kitty Snatch Match 3 Cats.

You can find a list of the supported games over at the AirGames webpage.

AirG Buzz App

AirG Buzz is a daily source of celebrity gossip. Think of it as your own magazine full of fun news and inside looks at some of the most popular celebrities.

AirG Hummers App

Hummers is the name of an airG network app that lets you guess hums created by random people or your friends. See if you can translate their hum into the song they're "singing." You can even make your own hums and share them with the airG community.

AirG VeeMeme

With the VeeMeme app, you can create funny videos, record your thoughts, or create a short film. Record multiple video clips and an audio track. Add captions or sing a song. Style your video with one of the video filters, and share your work with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.