What is a TikTok Challenge?

These are the most popular TikTok trends and memes

TikTok's platform is mostly fueled by viral videos of users doing outlandish, scary, or funny things. On the platform, these trend and meme videos typically come with a hashtag that includes the word challenge. But what is a TikTok challenge and how do you find or create them? Here's everything you need to know.

What Is a TikTok Challenge?

In the most basic sense, a TikTok challenge is a call to take some sort of action and record it via TikTok video. Typically, these challenges originate from viral TikTok videos usually involving a song, dance move, movie quote, etc. Of course, a challenge isn't complete without its defining hashtag in the video's description.

Types of TikTok Challenges

There are hundreds of TikTok challenges to indulge in, such as dance challenges, reaction challenges, song challenges, and more. Some of the recent viral favorites include:

  • The Haribo Challenge (#haribochallenge): TikTok users film videos of crowds of gummy bears while Adele's "Someone Like You" plays.
  • The Egg Challenge (#eggchallenge): TikTok users film videos of giving their dogs eggs to see what they do with them.
  • The Crush Challenge (#crushchallenge): TikTok users film a video of them and two other friends with a song playing in the background. Pointing at each other in a circle, whomever the first beat of the song lands on, that person must call their crush.
  • The Stop Challenge (#stopchallenge): Although this one has many variations, one of the most popular involves filming a friend in a clothing store. With their eyes shut, running their hands through the racks, they listen for you to say stop. When you do, they have to wear whatever they're touching.
  • The Me Versus Challenge (#meversus): In this challenge, TikTok users create videos showcasing those daily annoyances we come across in life. For example, some users make videos regarding fast food, while others remind us what it's like to find a spider in your bedroom.

This is only scratching the surface of the TikTok challenge world. It seems as if a new challenge is born every single day.

Screenshots illustrating a TikTok Challenge.

How to Find TikTok Challenges

If you're ready to try out your first TikTok challenge, they're pretty easy to find using a few key tips.

  1. First, check out the For You TikTok feed. You'll often see popular videos here complete with their trending challenge hashtags.

  2. You can also search for challenges by using the Discover feature. Under Discover, you'll see trending videos, some including new viral challenges.

  3. You can also use the search function to find challenges. Simply tap the search box and enter the word "challenge" or a specific hashtag.

    Screenshots showing how to create a TikTok challenge.

How to Create a TikTok Challenge Video

Once you find a challenge you'd like to accept, you'll need to create your own TikTok challenge video.

  1. To start, take note of the hashtag for the challenge video you wish to record. You'll need this later on.

  2. Tap the Plus icon to either record a new video inside the TikTok app or upload your own video from your phone. Once you're done, tap the checkmark.

  3. Review your video and make any changes. Once complete, tap Next.

  4. On the Post screen, you'll need to enter a description that includes with the challenge hashtag you wish to use.

    Screenshots showing how to create a TikTok challenge.

    If the hashtag is currently trending, you can tap # Hashtags to see top hashtags.

  5. Once your description is finished and you've selected your sharing settings, tap Post to post your challenge video to your personal feed.

Okay, Why the TikTok Challenge Hashtag?

Challenges aren't exactly challenges if others can't see your work, right? When a hashtag is assigned to a video, TikTok curates it with other videos that include the same hashtag (much like how hashtags are used on Twitter and Instagram). So, when you search for a specific challenge, you'll find all the videos on one main page—including yours.

Nothing's stopping you from trying to enter the TikTok challenge world with a brand new challenge. If you want to try creating your own, you can do so by simply filming a video and adding your own unique challenge hashtag. However, remember, it's up to the TikTok world to make it go viral.

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