What Is a Subreddit?

Community forums are the backbone of the social media platform

Subreddits are user-run forums that are part of the Reddit website. Users can post links, add text and images to subreddits, and others can upvote valuable content, downvote bad content, and reply to offer their opinions. Anyone can make a subreddit, and subreddits can be about any topic. There are subreddits for sports teams, movies, TV shows, video games, memes, and other interests and subjects. And, if your hobby isn't represented, you can make a subreddit.

What Is a Subreddit Used For?

Subreddits are niche community forums where users can share links, images, and text posts. Most of them are to share information about a subject that interests the subreddit members and discuss related topics.

For example, a subreddit devoted to a video game will typically feature many links to news articles about the game, upcoming developments, and both official and unofficial artwork. Depending on the rules of the subreddit, there may also be text posts where users discuss the game, develop new strategies, and other related topics.

A subreddit is a subsection of the Reddit website, and each subreddit is dedicated to one particular topic, such as sports or hobbies. There are millions of subreddits, but only a small number of those are very active.

A subreddit devoted to a sports team might see discussion about potential trades and live discussion of current games, while a subreddit for a city or town will be full of talk about life in that area.

Other subreddits are devoted entirely to funny images or Redditisms like Explain Like I’m 5 (ELI5), where users ask for simple explanations, and I am a (blank) ask me anything (IamA), where users answer questions from other users.

The key features of subreddits are the ability to submit links, images, and text and the ability of other users to vote for the best content. Content and comments that aren’t valuable can be downvoted, while the best content and comments are upvoted and become more easily viewable.

When you sign up for Reddit, you can join any subreddit you like using the same account. You can also use the same account to create your subreddit if you don’t find one you like. Most subreddits allow open admission, but some owners only allow approved members to join. For example, if you create a subreddit just for you and your friends, you might want to restrict membership to keep it private.

What Does Subreddit Mean?

Subreddit is a term used to describe a user-run subsection of the Reddit website. Reddit is the website's name, and sub is a prefix that means under, so subreddits are mini-sites all under the Reddit umbrella.

What Is the Difference Between Reddit and a Subreddit?

Reddit is a website, and a subreddit is a part of that website. There is no difference between Reddit and a subreddit because Reddit comprises several thousand subreddits. There are only a few pages you can visit on Reddit that aren't subreddits.

Reddit's front page displays either r/All or r/Popular; filtered feeds made up of content from every subreddit. The Reddit app also has a Discover tab that pulls content from subreddits. These aren't technically subreddits but aggregates of other subreddits that all consist of user-submitted content. Aside from a few resources and informational pages, the entirety of Reddit is subreddits.

  • How do I create a subreddit?

    Once you're signed in to Reddit in a browser, click your username in the upper-right corner, and then select Create a Community. Name your subreddit and choose a Community Type: Public (anyone can join), Restricted (only certain people can post, but anyone can see it), or Private (only people you choose can read or post). Once you complete this form, your subreddit will be up, and you can start posting to it.

  • How do I block a subreddit?

    Subreddits will only appear on your main feed if you join them, so it's not really necessary to block ones you aren't interested in. For extra protection, or to prevent younger users from seeing adult content, you can block the URL to the subreddit to stop it from loading.

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