What Is a Smart Washer and Smart Dryer?

There's no reason to loathe laundry day with smart technology

Mother and daughter using smart washing machine

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A smart washer and dryer is a set of laundry appliances that connect to your smart home network to improve and expand the features available for cleaning and drying your clothes. Smart washers are different from the digital washers and dryers that are common on the market today.

These appliances bring the benefits of smart home technology to your laundry room. Receive notifications when cycles finish, download new wash and dry cycles, and control your laundry machines with your smartphone or your voice.

What Can a Smart Washing Machine Do?

A smart washing machine gives you more precise control over your wash than just hot or cold settings and a few wash cycle types. Let’s explore the available smart features for washing machines that make everyone’s least favorite chore a bit easier.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity integrates your smart washer into your connected smart home and also allows you to connect in with your smartphone.
  • Compatible with voice control systems such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Remotely start wash cycles from anywhere with your smartphone or schedule them for a time that works for you.
  • Receive a notification when a cycle finishes.
  • Built-in diagnostic sensors alert you if a repair is needed or when it’s time for regular maintenance, such as a self-cleaning cycle to keep the washer de-gunked and working as efficiently as possible.
  • Search for and download new wash cycles for specific types of fabrics or loads.
  • Monitor or check status of a wash cycle from your smartphone.
  • Some models feature two separate washtubs to wash two different loads with different temperatures and different cycles at the same time.
  • Sensors determine how dirty clothes in a load are and automatically selects the proper amount of detergent and water for optimal cleaning.
  • In models with built-in detergent dispensers, you can opt to receive notifications on your smartphone when laundry soap gets low, use an Amazon Dash Button, or even set it to automatically order more detergent for itself from Amazon.
  • When synced with the rest of your connected smart home, many models can monitor local energy consumption and automatically run cycles during off-peak hours to save you money.

As with all smart appliances, features vary depending on brand and model. Our overview covers the capabilities of smart washers across multiple brands and models.

What Can a Smart Dryer Do?

A smart dryer is a partner to your smart washer and together, these two make your laundry day faster and easier than ever. Let’s tumble through key smart dryer features to see just what this appliance can do.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to start, stop, and extend cycles from anywhere with your smartphone.
  • Real-time moisture sensors monitor clothing during the cycle and adjust time and temperature to dry clothes efficiently without over-drying or heat damage to sensitive items.
  • Compatible with voice control options such as Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Download new dryer cycles for special fabrics and types of loads.
  • Receive notifications when drying cycle finishes or remotely check status of a drying cycle with your smartphone.
  • Some models come equipped with a heated and vented flat drying surface for items that should be laid flat to dry to avoid stretching or warping of fabric.
  • Steam settings remove wrinkles or just freshen up an outfit before a night out.
  • When synced with your smart home network, your smart dryer can monitor for when local energy use is low and run cycles during off-peak hours for additional savings on utility bills.

As with smart washers, features vary by brand and model.

All-in-One Smart Washer and Dryer

A few manufacturers have taken the next step in smart washer and dryer technology and have combined them into one machine that both washes and then dries clothes. An all-in-one laundry unit could be ideal for smaller homes and apartments where space is limited. As additional manufacturers come out with all-in-one smart laundry units, the cost could drop and also make it a more affordable option. The select units on the market cost about the same as a set of both a smart washer and separate smart dryer.

Common Concerns About Smart Washers and Smart Dryers

Deciding whether to go with smart technology for your next appliance purchase can be tough. Here are some common concerns about smart washers and dryers to consider.

Is a smart washer and smart dryer set much more expensive than a traditional washer and dryer set?

Surprisingly, no. Of course, the cost depends on the brand and models you select but each unit of a washer and dryer set ranges from $800 to $2,000, on average. This price range is very similar to the average cost of traditional (not smart) front-loading washers and standard dryers. Price can vary a bit more on dryers depending on whether you need a gas or electric connection. While it’s possible to get very simple traditional washers and dryers for a bargain, consumers are increasingly opting for front-loading washers and more feature-rich options.

Are repairs more expensive for smart washers and dryers?

For most typical repairs, they’re unlikely to be significantly more expensive. Where additional expense could have an impact is the extra sensors built into the smart versions. However, the self-diagnostic features could give you a heads-up when a part is wearing out and allow you to have it repaired before it breaks, which could have caused more damage.