Twitter Help: What Is a Retweet? How Do I Retweet?

An intro to sharing tweets on Twitter

Retweeting is when you repost on Twitter.

If you're familiar with Facebook, you've probably seen a friend share a post that was originally created or shared by someone else. On Twitter, this concept is called "retweeting."

Like hashtags, retweets are a community-driven phenomenon that helps make the service better by allowing people to quickly spread discussions across Twitter.

How to Retweet

To retweet your own post or someone else's:

  1. Select the double-arrow beneath the post.

    Twitter - retweet icon
  2. Select Retweet (or Quote Tweet if you want to add a comment to the retweet).

    Twitter - add a comment and retweet

The post automatically embeds in your Twitter feed, and the original poster receives a notification that you've retweeted their post.

If you accidentally tap the retweet icon, tap it again to undo.

What Are the Benefits of Retweeting?

Sharing someone's post is a way to set yourself apart from people who only follow and comment. A retweet might also result in a return for the favor from an influencer with a heavy following, thereby increasing your exposure on Twitter.

It also introduces valuable information and a new voice to your followers. Retweeting is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about anything worth sharing, while building your social media engagement.

What Should You Retweet?

If you think your followers would benefit from the info, retweet it.

For example, if someone you follow tweets something that would amuse your Twitter audience, pass it on to them. Or, if you want to let everyone in on a conversation you're having, retweet it.

If the content is meaningful to you in some way, share it with your following, but avoid retweeting so much that your posts come across as spam—this is one of the fastest routes to being unfollowed and muted on Twitter.

If your tweets are not endorsements, add a, "Retweets are not endorsements," disclaimer in your bio.

Remember that retweeting is all about having fun, being social, and sharing stuff worth sharing. Try it and see how it works for you!

  • What is a retweet number?

    A retweet number appears next to the retweet arrows. This number indicates how many times people have retweeted the tweet.

  • How do I delete a retweet I made?

    If you change your mind about a retweet you made, go back to the tweet and hover your mouse over the retweet arrows. Then, tap the arrows beneath Undo Retreat.

  • How do I retweet a thread?

    If you want to retweet a thread, which is a tweet plus all replies, select Show this thread at the bottom of the tweet. Then select the retweet arrows to retweet the entire thread.

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