What Is a PopSocket?

Are they worth the money?

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Strictly speaking, PopSockets is the name of the company that manufactures a group of accessories meant to hold your phone. PopGrip (commonly referred to as a PopSocket) Is the collapsible disk that mounts to the back of your device to make it easier to hold your phone with one hand.

PopGrip comes in a massive variety of designs, with the PopSockets website offering the option to customize one of your own. If you're looking for options to help you keep your device held securely while you scroll away, then PopSockets may be the answer for you.

The PopGrip adheres to the back of your phone (or case, in some instances, although the instructions warn against silicone) using an adhesive gel. The adhesive can be re-positioned and can be washed in water and left to dry for 10 minutes if it stops sticking.

PopGrip functions by expanding/collapsing an accordion-esque disk on the back of your phone. When expanded, the point closest to the phone is quite narrow to allow for your fingers to split around it. The expanded portion widens in a cone as wide as the disk, keeping the device snug against your fingers. This leaves your thumb free to scroll or take that selfie without worrying that you'll drop your phone.

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Applying Your PopSocket

You'll need to decide where you want to position your PopSocket. Personally, I like mine on the lower third of my phone so that I can easily reach the home button on my device. Try expanding your PopSocket before you expose the adhesive and hold it against your phone to find the best spot.

What if you don't like where you put it after you've stuck it on? No problem, you can peel it off and change the position.

Drying Out

The adhesive gel on a PopGrip is reusable and can be washed, but exposing it to air for 15 minutes or more will dry the gel out and it will no longer stick. If you're changing positions or devices, then do so quickly.

The original version of PopGrip will not allow you to use induction charging (iPhone 8, X, etc). If you have a device that uses wireless charging, then you'll need the newer version of PopGrip that has interchangeable designs. The disks included with the newer version can be removed for you to charge the device without jeopardizing the adhesive.

More PopSocket Capabilities

PopGrip has a newer "swappable" version that allows you to change out the designs. This version comes with the added benefit of allowing wireless charging and easier storage in a pocket. The original version sticks out from your phone, even when collapsed, so be aware that your phone might not fit as nicely in your pocket or wallet.

PopSockets also makes a dock that interfaces with PopGrip. The Mount comes in two varieties, one that sticks to a flat surface and a second that clips into the air vent in your vehicle. The PopGrip then slides into the slot, allowing you to mount your phone for navigation. The Mount could also be used to stick your phone to the wall; it won't interfere with a charging cord.

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