What Is a Pokemon Go Event?

Level up your game at the next Pokemon Go event

Pokemon Go events are special events that happen within Pokemon Go for unlocking rare content, and in real-world gatherings for meeting other players and partaking in Pokemon Go activities in-person.

How Do Pokemon Go Events Work In-Game?

Several times a month, Pokemon Go holds limited time special events that can last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Most of these in-game events consist of an uncommon Pokemon species suddenly appearing in players' games, making it easier for people to catch it and complete their Pokedex. One event, for example, may have Cherim appearing in large numbers all over the map around midday, while the next Pokemon Go event could trigger Charmander appearances in parks in the early afternoon.

Pokemon Go players catching Snorlax.
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Occasionally, limited edition Pokemon can make appearances in Pokemon Go. These kind of in-game Pokemon Go events are usually done to promote a new Pokemon game or movie, or to celebrate a seasonal event.

For example, a sleeping Snorlax began appearing in large numbers to promote the announcement of the Pokemon Sleep app, while Pikachu wearing detective hats were added to the game to promote the launch of the Detective Pikachu movie in cinemas. Usually around December, Pikachu wearing Santa hats appear in-game in place of regular ones.

There's never any need to register for the next Pokemon Go event as all in-game events activate automatically for free for all users.

How Do Pokemon Go Events Work in Real Life?

In addition to the in-game Pokemon Go events available to all players regardless of physical location, there are also several major real-world events that take place throughout the year in several countries.

Most of these events happen over several days and are located at specific outdoor locations like a major park or landmark. Pokemon Go players are encouraged to meet, trade Pokemon, and compete in Pokemon battles in person, in addition to partaking in exclusive on-location events.

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Special content is unlocked within Pokemon Go while attending a Pokemon Go event in person. This is done via the smartphone’s GPS, which confirms the location of the player.

The exclusive content typically includes special items, rare items, Legendary Pokemon to catch, and special research quests to complete.

Tickets are almost always required for real-world Pokemon Go events due to the large number of people they attract, and usually cost around $25 for one day of access. Also, due to the large number of attendees at these events, it’s not uncommon for players to be restricted to attending for one day only.

Example of a Pokemon Go Event exclusive research quest.
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Because of the scale of the real-world Pokemon Go events, they’re rarely held in the same city twice in a row. For example, while one event may be in a nearby city, the next Pokemon Go event could be in an entirely different state.

Locations of future Pokemon Go events are often promoted a couple of months in advance to give attendees time to buy tickets and plan their trips.

What Are Pokemon Go Community Days?

Pokemon Go Community Days are special days that occur on an almost monthly basis. They’re typically global events that are open to all players in every region and have very general requirements to encourage as many people to participate as possible, no matter where they are.

For example, one Pokemon Go Community Day may simply trigger a certain Pokemon to appear in all parks for several hours on a specific day. Special or rare items may also be given away more frequently at Pokestops, and a Pokemon type might have a different move when caught on this day than it would otherwise.

Details of a Pokemon Go Community Day event.
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The main goal of Pokemon Go Community Days is to encourage players to go outside and play Pokemon Go either by themselves or with friends and family. These monthly events don’t usually have in-person staff or activities at any one location, but players are encouraged to take photos of their experiences and share them on social media using the #PokemonGOCommunityDay hashtag.

Exact details on the next Pokemon Go Community Day are usually announced soon after the previous one has ended on the official Pokemon Go Community Day website, in the Pokemon Go email newsletter, within the Pokemon Go app, and on the official Pokemon Go social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Upcoming Pokemon Go Events

Here are all of the next official Pokemon Go events taking place globally and within the United States.

Pokemon Go Community Day Global July 21 st Mudkip will appear in parks worldwide between 4 and 7pm, and will come with an exclusive move. Players can also enjoy a 3x Catch XP bonus, as well as 3-Hour Lures.
Pokemon Go Community Day Global August 3 rd Details to be announced.
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