Are Password Managers Safe?

Top reasons you should be using a password manager

To stay in today's online world, you should be using strong passwords and keeping those safe so prying eyes can't break them. A password manager can help you do both.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager manages the login credentials you use for online sites and services. The app stores the passwords in an encrypted manner, keeping them secure from prying eyes while allowing you to quickly consult your selection of login details so you're not dependent on remembering them yourself. 

Think of a password manager app as a folder full of your most valuable password and account details. It's a database of sorts with all the information you need. That way, you only need to remember one password to use far more complex passwords elsewhere. 

After all, you should use strong and unique passwords for every single website you use. Are you likely to remember hundreds of passwords? Probably not, which is why a password manager is such a valuable piece of software to possess. 

Never reuse passwords on multiple different websites. Password leaks are more common than they used to be, and if a hacker gains access to one of your passwords, it can mean they're able to access multiple websites via the same password. 

Are Password Managers Safe?

For the most part, password managers are useful apps, but there are some minor downsides. 

  • You need to remember your primary password: With all your account details and passwords stored behind one primary password, you mustn't forget it. Fortunately, most good password manager apps tend to have a secure backup method to retrieve your information if need be.
  • Everything is in one place: Having everything stored in one place is excellent for you, but it does mean that if a malicious individual figures out your primary password, they have access to everything with minimal hassle. That's why you must keep your primary password secure. 

Why Should I Use a Password Manager? 

One of the biggest reasons to use a password manager is because it'll make your life much easier. Instead of having to remember dozens of passwords or risk reusing them, you can rely on the Password Manager to do all the hard work for you.

Most password manager apps also create secure passwords for you, so you don't have to worry about thinking up new ones and getting imaginative. It's all done semi-automatically, saving you considerable time and effort. 

Some password managers also allow you to store other details, such as credit card numbers, passport details, online banking accounts, or secure notes and files. If you're keen to be extra safe, these can be valuable extra options. 

Because password managers also automatically fill in account details as needed, they minimize your risk of suffering from a phishing attempt, too, as it won't fill in your login details on a suspicious website. 

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