What Is a Lyric Video?

Watch lyrics on the screen as a song tickles your ears

A lyric video displays the lyrics to a song as the song is played. The format is becoming a popular genre for record labels to generate more content for their artists, as well as a new area for animators to explore.

Lyric videos differ from karaoke videos and from closed-captioned videos, insofar as in a lyric video, the presentation is intended to be artistic with the works serving as part of the overall creative output.

lyric video still

Creative Direction for Lyric Videos Is Open

The creative direction for lyric videos is usually very open. The budgets usually aren't huge, and the turn around is usually pretty quick. It's also a field that is booming right now; more and more bands and labels, including many superstar artists, often release lyric videos.

While not as respected as official videos and sometimes considered filler content, lyric videos are a new niche for animators. The field is growing rapidly and can be capitalized on if you're interested in making a music video with animation and a focus on song lyrics.

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