What is a Loopy Phone Case?

Find out how this case makes carrying your phone a breeze

Loopy has created a unique mobile device case featuring a rubber loop you insert your finger through when holding your phone. Many people live in fear of dropping those expensive devices, and Loopy is a great option to keep yours firmly in hand. From selfies to one-handed browsing, here's how Loopy cases keep your phone from escaping your grip.

What is a Loopy Phone Case?

Loopy cases for your mobile device consist of a hard case with a rubber loop pulled through two holes in the back. Loopy creates cases for Apple, Google, and Samsung phones, with unique designs and the ability to switch out their signature loop for a different look.

Your phone and the case hold the loop in place, while the loop's ends run behind your phone, helping it stay put, and allowing you to adjust the size of the loop itself to be a comfortable fit.

Loopy Case inside insert loop into loopy case loopy case iphone

The case itself is very simple, with the only adjustment being to pull the loop tighter or looser before you set your phone in the case.

When you put Loopy on your phone, make sure the ends of the loop are lying flat, in opposite directions.

The loop on a Loopy case also collapses to lay flat, allowing your phone to be slipped into your pocket easily.

Loopy for Apple: Loopy Original and Loopy MAX

The latest Apple devices have two options for Loopy cases. The Loopy Original case is 4ft military drop-rated, includes a bumper that wraps around the edge of your device, and a raised front lip that helps protect your screen. Loopy MAX is 6ft military drop-rated, with 60% sturdier bumpers.

All other devices feature the Loopy Original design specifications.

Loopy Case: Righty or Lefty?

Part of what makes Loopy comfortable to use is the loop on the case isn't set straight up and down. Instead, it's tilted at a slight angle to make holding your phone with one hand more comfortable.

This means you'll need to select a right or left-handed case when choosing a Loopy option. You'll be able to hold it with either hand, but it will be most comfortable for the hand you choose. Pick the hand you use most and you should be good to go.

Loopy iPhone case, Loopy Google Pixel case, Loopy Samsung Case

A New Look: Changing Out Loops

The loops are made out of top of the line medical silicone, making them comfortable and durable. And if you ever want to have a new look for your phone, Loops come in seasonal designs and a variety of colors, including ones that glow in the dark or come with some sparkle.

Ready to switch out your loop? Loopy cases are designed to have friction hold the loops tight in place, which can make them difficult to remove. Try putting your case in some soapy water to help slide out your current loop and insert a new one.

There's a bit of a knack to removing and inserting the loops for Loopy cases, if you'd like to see how the pros do it, you can check out Loopy's video tutorial.

Watch Videos: Kickstand Feature for Loopy

The loop on a Loopy case also acts as a kickstand, allowing you to watch videos on your phone with it tilted at a viewing angle hands-free.

This only works if the loop is big enough to support your device. If you have a larger phone and adjust the loop for a small hand, the loop may not be substantial enough to act as a kickstand. It's not as stable as other options (like a PopSocket), but if your loop is reasonably sized, it'll get the job done.

Loopy Cases for Apple, Samsung, and Google Devices

While there aren't tons of designs, Loopy cases are fun, durable, and comfortable to use. Taking selfies and juggling an armful of stuff is a lot safer with your phone securely looped around your finger.

Loopy Cases are covered by the Loopy Lifetime Guarantee, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee you'll love your case. Loopy cases run from $39 to $49, with extra loops priced at $5 each.

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