What is a 4G Mobile Network?

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In the language of telecommunication, a 4G mobile network implies the fourth generation standard in mobile phone communication. This is the successor of 3G, or the third generation standard.

The highly advanced 4G mobile network offers mobile ultra-broadband Internet access, which gives the user amazing speed and efficiency while working online with his/her mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Using its high speeds, developers can make good use of 4G network to develop advanced IP telephony, mobile web apps, gaming apps, HD mobile TV, video conferencing and so on.

4G mobile networking is different from its predecessors in that it does not support circuit-switched telephony services. Instead, it uses IP-based communication systems. The speed of this network is further enhanced with the much-improved smart antenna arrays used order to achieve MIMO or multiple-input multiple-output communications.

Currently, Verizon Wireless is actively promoting its 4G LTE services across much of the United States of America. It hopes to further expand its services to cover more areas and territories in the near future.

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