What Google Voice Cannot Do

Limitations of Google Voice

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Google Voice does many things and can be very helpful for many, as it stands out by the features it offers. However, many users do not simply register for the free service but intend to use it for their businesses or other serious life activities. It may imply changing numbers, porting numbers, buying new phones, and arranging new settings etc. It is therefore good to know what Google Voice isn’t, what it can’t do and what its limitations are, so one can decide on whether or how to use it before diving.

Not Outside the US

You Can’t Start Calls From Your Mobile Phone

No Free Worldwide Calls

Not a Phone Service

Not a Softphone

No Video Calls

Not SIP Service


Not Direct User Support

Google Voice does offer a lot of frequently asked questions and a whole knowledge base of questions and troubleshooting information on its web site, but there is no possibility for users to obtain direct support, either through phone or email. This is comprehensible as millions of people are using the service for free.