What Does YH Mean?

This super short abbreviation stands for a very simple word

An image graphic of a text message that says
A text message that says "YH" on an iPhone.

Did you just text someone a yes or no question and get "YH" as an answer? If you did, or you simply saw this slang term used somewhere else online, you're probably wondering what it means.

YH is short for:


It's as simple as that, and it's actually an abbreviation (a short-form of a word) rather than an acronym.

How YH Is Used

YH can be used in any situation where a person might say "yes." Just like saying "yeah," in a face-to-face conversation, YH is used the same way online to affirm something or agree with someone.

YH is typically used in casual conversations only. Even though it translates to "yeah," which essentially means "yes," the casual tone of this abbreviation can sometimes make someone's affirmation or agreement sound more passive than a straightforward yes.

The super casual tone of YH makes it mostly inappropriate to use in professional online conversations and content. You probably won't see it used in an email from your employer's head office, in anyone's LinkedIn profile or in a chat window with a company's customer service department.

Examples of YH in Use

Example 1

Friend #1: "Hey, are you off work for the long weekend?"

Friend #2: "Yh"

In this first example, YH is used as a more casual alternative to simply saying yes. Friend #1 asks Friend #2 a yes or no question and Friend #2 responds with YH.

Example 2

Friend #1: "Can't wait for our trip in two weeks :)"

Friend #2: "Yh it's going to be so much fun!"

This next example shows how YH can be used to express agreement. Friend #1 shares a positive thought about an upcoming event and Friend #2 uses YH to agree with them.

Example 3

Friend #1: "Aren't you glad we have an extra week to work on the group project?"

Friend #2: "Well yh but I'd really prefer to just get it over with."

Finally, this last example demonstrates how YH can be used to express agreement, but in a slightly less enthusiastic way. Notice how the use of YH instead of "yes" in Friend #2's response makes their agreement sound more passive. Their comment that follows also suggests that they might not fully agree after all.

Alternatives to YH

There are lots of different abbreviations and acronyms other than YH to choose from whenever you want to express positive thoughts and opinions. Here are just a few that you might want to consider using yourself.

Y: A simple, one-letter abbreviation/acronym for yes.

YE: A two-letter abbreviation for yes or yeah.

YEA: A slightly shorter way to write yeah.

AIGHT: A slang term for the word "alright," which can be used in similar ways to YH for affirming something or agreeing with someone.

IGHT: An even shorter version of the word "alright."

The Opposite of YH

The opposite of yes is of course no. In the digital age, however, some people like to shorten it even further or slang it up a little more.

N: A one-letter abbreviation/acronym for no.

NAH: The direct opposite of yeah, which has the same sound and casual or passive tone to it.