What Does TWSS Mean?

This funny catchphrase has its roots in pop culture

TWSS acronym being used on cell phone
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Did someone just reply "TWSS" to something you said online or in a text? You're going to want to know what it means.

TWSS stands for:

That's What She Said

If you're not familiar with this expression at all, you're probably wondering: who is "she?" And why does it matter?

The Meaning of TWSS

TWSS is a slang acronym that's meant to make something sound more sexually suggestive than it really is. The "she" part of the abbreviation isn't a reference to anyone specifically — it merely represents an imaginary female individual in an imaginary sexual situation. The expression is meant to bring awareness to stereotypical things she might say during her sexual encounters.

How TWSS Is Used

TWSS is typically used as a reply to someone who makes a comment vague enough that it sounds sexually suggestive when taken out of context. However, it's never used as a reply when someone purposefully says something sexually suggestive.

What makes the TWSS joke so funny is the aspect of surprise. After all, nobody in the conversation is expecting their ordinary comment to be taken out of context and made to sound sexual — as if it were something a woman would say in the bedroom. 

Examples of How TWSS Is Used

Example 1

Friend #1: "You can find the key underneath the big flower pot to the left of the front door."

Friend #2: "Found it!"

Friend #1: "Awesome! Make sure you jiggle the knob when you're turning the key."

Friend #2: "Okay but I can't even get it to fit. It's too big."

Friend #1: "TWSS!"

Example 2

Friend #1: "Hey, thanks again for letting me borrow your sweater, but I don't think I'll be borrowing it again."

Friend #2: "What was wrong with it?"

Friend #1: "It just felt way too rough. I need it to be softer."

Friend #2: "TWSS"

The Origin of TWSS

According to Know Your Meme, which does a stellar job at tracing some of the internet's biggest memes and trends, TWSS was coined and popularized in the early 90s by actor and comedian Mike Myers in the movie Wayne's World. The expression gained even more traction throughout the mid-2000s as it became the awkward catchphrase frequently said by actor Steve Carrell in the popular TV series The Office, which first aired in 2005.

When You Shouldn't Use TWSS

There are two big things to remember about this acronym:

1. It's sexual and therefore inappropriate for any type of conversation that isn't extremely casual.

If you're joking around with friends, you can probably get away with saying TWSS. But if you're emailing or messaging someone you respect and want to maintain a good reputation in their eyes, don't even consider using this.

2. It's an expression that many people may be completely unfamiliar with even after they've figured out what the acronym itself stands for.

Some people just aren't big on jokes or don't keep up with trends in pop culture, so you might want to avoid using TWSS in any casual conversations with people who seem to fit this kind of profile. Having to explain a joke is a surefire way to suck the humor right out of it, so if you get the feeling that someone might be kind of out of the loop with this kind of humor, your best bet is probably to avoid saying it altogether. 

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