What Does the #FF Hashtag Stand for on Twitter?

There's an easy way to make recommendations on Twitter using #FF

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Hashtags make it easier to find the conversations you want to follow.

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Have you seen the #FF hashtag on your Twitter friends' tweets and wondered what it means? The #FF hashtag stands for "Follow Friday" and is a signal of your support and recommendation of fellow Twitter users to your friends. It can be mistaken for #FlashbackFriday, which is similar to #ThrowbackThursday.

The #followfriday hashtag is often used interchangeably with #ff. In some cases it may be even more common, as the popularity of hashtags changes over time.

The creator of the #FF hashtag is said to be entrepreneur Micah Baldwin. Anyone can create a hashtag; it's the use of a hashtag by others that makes it stick. Baldwin created the hashtag back in 2009 when he was helping a couple of friends in a contest to see which one of them could achieve 1,000 followers. Baldwin, having already racked up a few thousand followers at the time, began recommending his friends to others, recognizing that he could generate followers for others by using the relationships that he had already built on Twitter.

Another friend suggested that a hashtag be established to make recommendations easier, and soon Baldwin found himself something of an internet celebrity. The hashtag was used nearly half a million times on the first Friday after it was introduced and continued to grow in popularity from there.

How to Find People to Follow on Twitter With #FF ​

Using the #FF hashtag is a great way to both find interesting people to follow on Twitter as well as to make recommendations to others.

  1. Go to Twitter or open the app on your mobile device.

  2. Enter #FF into the search box at the top and press enter on your keyboard or select the magnifying glass icon.

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  3. The tweets that show up as a result have all been tagged with "#FF." View the recommendations and select the handle (the name that begins with the "@" symbol) to view a recommended page.

How to Use #FF in Your Own Post:

You can also use the #FF hashtag in your posts to promote other accounts.

  1. Gather the account names of the people that you'd like to recommend.

  2. If you're on the app, select the feather icon to open the tweet field. If you're on a web browser, select the What's Happening? field. Now list the handles that you've gathered.

  3. Type #FF after the list of recommendations.

While the practice of making recommendations using "#FF" is typically done on Fridays, the hashtag has become part of the Twitter culture and is commonly used to make recommendations on other days as well.

#FF is just one of many hashtags that are used to organize conversations on Twitter. Other hashtags frequently seen include #TBT which stands for "Throwback Thursday" and is usually associated with images of or references to the past; and #ICANT which is a popular way to indicate that a topic is so funny, cute, or ridiculous that there is no appropriate comment for it.