What Does "SFSG" Mean?

A pair of black hands hold a phone with texts on it.

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"SFSG" means "So Far, So Good." This is internet shorthand for saying things are progressing successfully so far, but anything could happen. It is an expression of non-internet life, shortened to 4 letters for online chatting.

An Example of "SFSG" usage:

  • (User 1) Caleigh: how is your new house purchase coming along? Did they accept your offer?
  • (User 2) Well, "SFSG." We included a condition that allows for the sale of our current house, and our realtor said that the owner is ok with that. I just know that another buyer is interested, and they might outbid us.

Another Example of "SFSG" usage:

  • (User 1) How are you doing with that quest in the Icecrown territory? Did you have to fight that undead mini-boss yet?
  • (User 2) I finished that undead mini-boss, and am starting on the next part of the quest. SFSG, but I think I'll need help fighting this next mini-boss... he hits like a truck from what I hear.

The "SFSG" expression, like many cultural curiosities of the Internet, is a form of "text speak" that has become a part of modern English communication.