What Does Retweet Mean?

Retweeting Is the Act of Resending Someone Else's Tweet

Retweet and retweeting are Twitter jargon for sending someone else's message to your own followers.

It's a Tweet and an Action

Retweet can be a noun or a verb. Its abbreviation, RT, is basically code telling people that a particular message was originally written by someone else.

As a noun, it signifies a tweet that has been "resent" on Twitter, yet was originally written and sent by someone else.

As a verb, retweet means the act of sending another person's tweet to your own Twitter followers.

Retweeting is a popular activity on Twitter and is often seen as a measure of how popular a particular tweet is--i.e., the more it gets retweeted, the more popular it must be.

The Abbreviation RT

RT is shorthand for "retweet." It is used as a code and inserted into a message/tweet being resent to tell others that it's a retweet and not something you wrote yourself. RT is important for giving credit where credit is due on Twitter.

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