What Does Noob/Newb/Nub Mean?

Hello I Am New

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"Newb" is an internet expression that means "newbie/newcomer" or "amateur/rookie." It is sometimes used as a derogatory description for the new person in the group. Newb is also spelled "Noob" (both rhyme with "tube"). There is the variation spelling "nub" (which rhymes with "tub"). All mean the same thing. Newb/noob/nub is used to express condescension or harsh impatience towards a new participant in the community. The term implies that the new person is unskilled and inexperienced, and has yet to earn the people's respect. Yes, it is possible to use newb as a type of awkward expression of affection, but the term is inherently a harsh word, so be careful how and when you use it. Newb/noob/nub is often used with another expression of frustration, RTFM.

Examples of Newb/Noob/Nub Usage

  • "Did you see the noob that the boss just hired? Get a load of the tie he's wearing!"
  • "Sergeant: what's with all the nubs? We don't have enough room in these barracks!"
  • "OK, noobs. Welcome to our gaming clan. Now get ready to earn your membership, because this next fight is set to hard mode."
  • "What are you, a newb? Fer chrissake, RTFM and turn off your caps lock if you want to be a part of this forum."
  • "OK, listen up, nubs: we expect all of you to have flask buffs in place before we start a boss fight. Our gaming guild assumes that you have basic knowledge, so please don't disappoint us with stupid newb mistakes."