What Does MT Mean?

This short acronym has two possible meanings

An image graphic of the acronym MT written on a computer screen.


MT is an acronym that could have many potential meanings, but there are two that are most popular online.

MT stands for:

  1. Modified Tweet (Twitter)
  2. Mistell or Missed Tell (Gaming)

These two interpretations are very different from each other, but it should be pretty easy to determine which one is being used.

MT As "Modified Tweet"

A Modified Tweet is basically a manual retweet of a tweet on Twitter that has been altered in some way. A Twitter user would basically copy all the text or contents of another user's tweet post, paste it into their own tweet composer, edit the text or contents and then put "MT" and the original tweeter's @username before the edited text/contents before tweeting it.

MT is not as widely used on Twitter as it once was now that Twitter has a retweet button. Users are more likely to hit that retweet button, add an optional comment to the top of it and then retweet it—as opposed to manually copying and pasting it into the tweet composer.

An Example of Using MT As "Modified Tweet"

Here's an example of a regular tweet taken from the Lifewire Twitter account that you might want to turn into a modified tweet:

"If you love taking #photographs with your #smartphone, you should check out these top #photography apps, both paid and #free, for #iOS and #Android. http://bit.ly/2SyULqe #photographyislife #mobilephotography"

Now let's say that you wanted to add your own comment, but you don't want to include all those hashtags or that bit at the end about the mobile platforms. In this case, your MT might look like:

"+1 for including Hydra, my fav photo app right now by far!!! Definitely recommend it. MT @lifewiretech: If you love taking photographs with your smartphone, you should check out these top photography apps. http://bit.ly/2SyULqe"

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MT As "Mistell" or "Missed Tell"

"Mistell" or "Missed Tell" is an expression used in multiplayer video game chats to inform someone that a message was sent to the wrong person. It's typically used in multiplayer games where alliances are built and so chatting with the other players is all part of the fun.

An Example of Using MT As "Mistell" or "Missed Tell"

Gamer #1: "Hey do u have snapchat? I'd love to show you how I am when I'm AFK ;)" (AKF is gamer speak for "Away From Keyboard")

Gamer #2: "uh no...and not interested."

Gamer #1: "Oh, MT..."

How to Tell if MT Is Being Used As "Modified Tweet" or "Mistell/Missed Tell"

The easiest way to determine which interpretation of MT is being used is by looking at the platform you're seeing it on. If you're seeing it on Twitter, it's almost guaranteed to mean Modified Tweet. If you're playing a video game and talking to other gamers, then it probably means "Mistell/Missed Tell."

If you're seeing it used on a platform other than Twitter or within a gaming chat, then you're going to have to do some deeper detective work. There's a chance that MT used on any other platform might not mean to be interpreted as any of these top two interpretations and could instead mean:

  • Montana
  • Mountain Time
  • Machine Translation
  • More Than
  • Management Team
  • Matrix
  • Metric Tons
  • My Thoughts
  • Musical Theater