What Does 'L2P' Mean in Digital Communications?

Kids playing games on the computer

Richard I'Anson / Getty Images 

'L2P', or lowercase 'l2p', means 'Learn to Play'. It is a type of insult or catcall used by online gamers when another player displays poor gaming skills or judgment. While it can be used as a sarcastic jab at a personal friend, the L2P expression is most often used in a negative manner to accuse someone of having poor gaming or sports abilities. 

Examples of L2P as a Sports Insult

  • "Saunders: you leaked 4 goals in the last hockey game! You don't get to play net until you L2P"
  • "Kiss my a**, Matty, if you learned 2 play defense, I wouldn't have had 40 shots on goal!"
  • "u mad bro? L2P, ftw!"

Examples of L2P as a Sarcastic Jab Between Friends

  • "Oh, man. Mark fell off the ledge because he was talking on the phone. L2P!"
  • "Wadeed, l2p! You need to use your mouse more in that fight!"
  • "Heh, you guys are clown shoes! L2P!"

Examples of L2P as Gamer Taunting

  • "L2P, moron. You'll never get to level 80 if you keep doing that."
  • "Ha, you got pwned! L2P!"
  • "I only have one word for you and your lame character: L2P"

Like many language curiosities, L2P is part of internet culture. Many other abbreviations and slang terms are used together with L2P, especially in the world of online gaming.