What Does 'L2P' Mean?

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You see this weird "L2P" expression in online gaming. Players are posting 'L2P' to each other in game chat, and you don't know what it means. 'L2P', or lowercase 'l2p', means 'Learn to Play'. It is a type of insult or catcall used by online gamers when another player displays poor gaming skill or judgment. While it can be used as a sarcastic jab at a personal friend, the L2P expression is most often used in a negative manner to accuse someone of having poor gaming or sports abilities.


Examples of L2P as a Sports Insult:

  • "Saunders:  you leaked 4 goals in the last hockey game! You don't get to play net until you L2P"
  • "Kiss my a**, Matty, if you learned 2 play defense, I wouldn't have had 40 shots on goal!"
  • "u mad bro?  L2P, ftw!"

Examples of L2P as a Sarcastic Jab Between Friends:

  • "Oh, man. Mark fell off the ledge because he was talking on the phone. L2P!"
  • "Wadeed, l2p! You need to use your mouse more in that fight!"
  • "Heh, you guys are clown shoes! L2P!"

Examples of L2P as Gamer Taunting:  

  • "L2P, moron. You'll never get to level 80 if you keep doing that."
  • "Ha, you got pwned! L2P!"
  • "I only have one word for you and your lame character: L2P"

Like many language curiosities, L2P is part of internet culture. Many other abbreviations and slang terms are used together with L2P, especially in the world of online gaming.

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