What Does JMHO Mean?

Demonstrate Humility With It

Man expressing his opinion

Gary Burchell/Getty Images

JMHO is Just My Humble Opinion. It is identical to the expression IMHO/imho (in my humble opinion). This expression is used in online chat or email to demonstrate humility while simultaneously making a suggestion or posing an argument. JMHO has also spelled in all lowercase as jmho. 

Examples of JMHO Usage

  • JMHO, but big dogs don't belong in the city unless their owners are very regular runners or people who commit to walking their dog twice a day.
  • He knows how to tell the angry people what they want to hear. JMHO but he's actually really good at delivering that product, 
  • It's JMHO, but I think it's a bad idea to sell the customer that particular product. I recommend the smaller product for his budget.
  • JMHO, but I think you should get a front-wheel-drive car instead of an SUV.
  • I think our country glorifies greed and possessions. It's JMHO, but I think this screws up people's values.

The JMHO expression is just one example of abbreviations and jargon used in modern English communication.