What Does IYKWIM Mean?

This long acronym represents a popular phrase

A graphic of a text message that says IYKWIM on an iPhone.


One of the longest acronyms known to the internet slang world is IYKWIM. With six letters in total, this one can be difficult to take a wild guess at.

IYKWIM stands for:

If You Know What I Mean

You've likely heard this popular phrase used in everyday, face-to-face conversations.

How IYKWIM Is Used

IYKWIM a common acronym used in the digital world similarly to how it's used in the real world.

People often tack it onto the end of an already complete sentence to hint at some deeper meaning or unsaid message behind the sentence that was previously said. That message could be anything, but many people like to use it to allude to things that might be inappropriate or sexually suggestive.

When the phrase is spoken out loud, the speaker might pause briefly after the previous sentence before saying it, perhaps using their tone of voice to emphasize what they're alluding to or even manipulating their facial expression (such as by raising their eyebrows, smiling or winking). When used in acronym form online or in text messages, however, the messenger might have to do more work to make up for the lack of face-to-face expression.

It's a common trend to end a sentence with an ellipsis (...) before typing IYKWIM. This can help create a brief pause between the previous sentence and the acronym.

Emojis placed after the acronym, such as the smirking face emoji, can also bring a little more emotional expression to their message.

There are no rules about using this acronym, so you might very well come across it directly after a sentence with no additional punctuation or emojis at all. Its use simply depends on the messenger's online/text conversation style.

Examples of IYKWIM in Use

Example 1

Friend #1: "I'd love to get our English prof to give me private tutoring lessons IYKWIM"

Friend #2: "Ha! Maybe in your dreams..."

In this first example, IYKWIM is used directly after a previous sentence. Friend #1 uses it to allude to a crush they have on their English professor.

Example 2

Friend #1: "Hey want to go out for lunch?"

Friend #2: "Sure but I just ate, so I've got to wait a bit to make some room... IYKWIM"

This second example shows how IYKWIM might be used after an ellipsis to help create a brief pause at the end of the previous sentence. Friend #2 uses IYKWIM to hint at the fact that they need to let their digestive system do some work before they can eat again.

Example 3

Friend #1: "Thanks for showing me all your super cool dance moves last night!"

Friend #2: "Anytime. There's a lot more where that came from IYKWIM ;)"

In this last example, a comma helps to separate a comment from the IYKWIM acronym. An emoticon is also used after it for added expression. Friend #2 is probably trying to flirt with or be extra friendly with Friend #1.


In some cases, IYKWIM might be accompanied by another acronym. AITYD stands for And I Know That You Do, which is an add-on to IYKWIM that follows directly after it.

AITYD is used to confirm that the recipient should be able to easily understand the hidden message behind the original words. It's an appropriate acronym to use after IYKWIM if you are very good friends with the recipient or simply know them well enough to be able to predict their thought process.