What Does the Term 'Interweb' Mean?

Interweb is a sarcastic word for 'Internet'

The term Interweb is a combination of the words "internet" and "web." The word is most often used in the context of a joke or sarcastic remark, especially when talking about or to a person who is not familiar with the internet or technology in general.

Interweb can also be used as a euphemism for the vast information that is available on the internet, or in a parody of someone's knowledge of or experience with web culture.

Given their nature, memes are a common place to find the word Interweb.

Alternate Spellings

Interweb is sometimes spelled Interwebs, Interwebz, or Intarwebs.


Here are some examples where Interweb might be used:

"Look at me! I'm on the Interwebs!"

"Just look it up on the Interwebs."

"I got lost in the Interwebs... for three hours!"

"Do you think that the Interwebs could help me find that recipe?"

Since Interweb is often used as a joke or in a demeaning manner, the whole sentence might be spelled incorrectly, like this:

Look at this awesome game i found on teh interwebz.

how do i conect my keyboard to the interweb?