Interweb vs. Internet

Interweb is a sarcastic term


The term interweb is a combination of the words "internet" and "web." The word is most often used in the context of a joke or sarcastic remark, especially when talking about or to a person who isn't familiar with the internet or technology in general.

Interweb can also be used as a euphemism for the vast information that is available on the internet, or in a parody of someone's knowledge of or experience with web culture.

Given their nature, memes are a common place to find the word interweb.

Alternate Spellings

Interweb is sometimes spelled interwebs, interwebz, or intarwebs.

You might also see interweb used as a phrase like "teh interwebs," where "the" is spelled wrong on purpose to mock the other person.

Interweb Usage Examples

Here are some examples where interweb might be used:

Look at me! I'm on the interwebs!
Just look it up on the interwebs.
I got lost in the interwebs...for three hours!
How to I upload email to the interwebz?
Do you think that the interwebs could help me find that recipe?