What Does GGG Mean?

This isn't an acronym you'll see in just any conversation


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GGG stands for:

Good, Giving and Game.

Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, keep reading, because this acronym doesn't exactly apply to just anything!

The Meaning of GGG

GGG is a collection of words that describes an ideal sexual partner. The phrase itself was first coined by popular sex columnist Dan Savage to help define the attitudes that sexually intimate partners should have toward each other in the bedroom.

"Good" refers to being good in bed, "giving" refers to being generous toward a partner based on their sexual interests and "game" refers to being open to do anything sexual (within reason). It means that a person is not only tuned into their partner's sexual needs and wants, but also willing to do what it takes to meet them.

How GGG Is Used

When used online or in text messages, GGG describes a person's attitude and/or behavior they might have in any sexual situation. A person might use it to describe themselves, a past partner, a current partner or a future desired partner.

Despite the fact that the phrase can be taken out of this context and that anyone can be "good, giving and game" in almost any area of their life, the general trend is that this particular phrase and acronym should only be used to describe what happens in the bedroom. So you can forget about using it to describe your attitude to something like your career, sports, personal hobbies or anything else.

Examples of GGG in Use

Example 1

Partner #1: "Can't sleep. Mind if I come over?"

Partner #2: "Sure ;) I'm ggg"

In this first example, two partners who are sexually interested in each other are having a conversation. Partner #2 interprets Partner #1's message to come over as a a potential opportunity for sexual intimacy, thus using GGG to describe themselves as having the ideal attitude toward sex at the moment.

Example 2

Friend #1: "Hey where'd you run off to last night? Did you end up going home with that guy you were talking to?"

Friend #2: "Yeah we really hit it off and he was ggg but I don't think I'll see him again."

In this second example, two friends who are not sexually interested in each other are having a conversation. Friend #1 asks about Friend #2's sexual interest in somebody they saw them with, to which Friend #2 responds by describing their sexual experience they had with that somebody as GGG.

Example 3

Tinder user bio: "Just a laidback guy looking for a great gal who's sweet, honest, ggg, and likes ice cream :)"

This last example shows how GGG might be used in a general statement rather than in a conversation. A user of the popular dating app Tinder states that they're looking for someone who is GGG as a future potential partner.

The Only Situations Where It's Appropriate to Use GGG

Here's a brief list of some of the most common situations where GGG is probably fine to use:

  • When you're messaging/chatting with a past or current partner
  • When you're messaging/chatting with a future potential partner who has already clearly expressed sexual interest
  • When you're messaging/chatting with friends who are close enough to you that you both feel comfortable talking about your sex lives
  • When you want to include more intimate details about yourself and/or what you're looking for on dating sites and apps

Unless a situation can be categorized in one of the above scenarios, it's probably best to not use GGG at all.