What in the World Does FTFY Mean?

A brief intro to this not-so-obvious online acronym

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FTFY stands for:

Fixed That For You.

This is a more casual way of saying, "I fixed that for you," without the "I."

So when you want to let someone know that you changed something they put online in an effort to somehow make it better, you can simply say FTFY and hope that they know what the acronym stands for.

How FTFY Is Used

FTFY can be used in a couple of different ways. The first is to use it when some kind of technical problem arises and an actual fix is applied. Just like how you might tell someone in person that you fixed something for them, you can simply post or text FTFY to let someone know you fixed whatever was brought to your attention.

The second and probably more popular way to use FTFY is to use it as a sarcastic joke. For example, you might reply to someone by "fixing" their original comment or post with your own comment or post. By adding FTFY, you are essentially saying that you think their comment/post is wrong and yours is right — in a sarcastically humorous kind of way of course.

Examples of How FTFY Is Used

Example 1

Friend #1: "I can't open the doc you just sent."

Friend #2: "FTFY. Resent it as a PDF."

In the scenario above, Friend #1 is telling Friend #2 about a technical problem he's having with an incompatible document file that was shared. Friend #2 fixes the problem by changing the document file and resending it. Adding FTFY at the beginning is a fast and easy way to let Friend #1 know that the problem has been fixed.

Example 2

Friend #1: "Everything happens for a reason!"

Friend #2: @Friend #2: "Everything happens completely randomly! Ftfy."

In the second scenario above, you can see how FTFY might sometimes be used to joke around by playfully invalidating someone else's comment/opinion and then "fixing" it by replacing it with one's own opinion. Friend #1 may have posted her comment on social media in an effort to be positive and inspirational, but Friend #2 doesn't agree with her comment and casually replies by stating what he thinks is correct. Adding FTFY basically says: "I'm joking around by being bit of a snob." It's up to the original poster to decide whether the FTFY reply is harmlessly funny or disrespectfully narcissistic.

Example 3

Friend #1: "Sorry I didn't make it out their last night."

Friend #2: "*there. FTFY"

In this last example, we get to see how FTFY can be used to jokingly correct other people's spelling and grammar mistakes. One of the big online trends is to add an asterisk before correcting somebody else's spelling or grammar, but you can add FTFY to exaggerate your snobbishness even further. It's often unnecessary to correct small spelling or grammar mistakes in casual text conversations or posts online, but doing it anyway and then adding FTFY to the end can be an amusing attempt at pulling someone's leg.

FTFY is not as widely used or known as other online acronyms, so if you decide to use it, don't expect everyone to know exactly what it stands for. You might be better off typing out "Fixed that for you" in full rather than potentially leaving your message recipients confused — especially if you're using it sarcastically and don't want to take anything away from the humorous effect of this particular phrase.