'Fitblr' Fitness Trend on Tumblr

Diving into one of the biggest Tumblr trends

Woman on a treadmill looking at her phone


Virojt Changyencham / Getty Images

If you spend any amount of time browsing through content on Tumblr, you may have seen the term fitblr used either in the tags of a post or directly in a post's content. But what does this even mean?

The Fitblr Movement

No, it's not a knockoff of the popular Fitbit activity trackers. Fitblr is actually a term used to describe the users that run fitness-related blogs and participate in the fitness-related community of Tumblr subculture.

Think of it like how fans of a particular fanbase give themselves names to segment themselves from the general public. For example, Justin Bieber's fans are called Beliebers while fans of the popular show Dr. Who are called Whovians.

Any Tumblr user that uses their blog to regularly feature content on topics like fitness, nutrition, weight loss, bodybuilding, healthy food recipes and anything else related to health may consider themselves to be a fitblr. Even those who mix their health and fitness-related content on their blog with the content of other topics can be considered a fitblr. There really are no rules.

How Fitblrs Share Content

Because Tumblr largely thrives on the shareable nature of shorter posts and highly visual content, it's become one of the major go-to social platforms for discovering and collecting the best content related to health and fitness topics. Many fitblrs love to reblog content that they find inspirational or useful to them in some way — like motivational quotes, photos of strong bodies, infographics on nutrition, delicious recipes that are worth trying, inspirational progress photos from others in the community and more.

Becoming a Fitblr for More Than Just the Content

Despite how great of a sharing platform Tumblr is for fitness-related content, the users who run fitblrs do much more than just post super shareable content. This is a close community made up of users from around the world that interact a lot and support each other in their health and fitness journeys.

Lots of fitblr users actively host fitness challenges, accept and feature photos of personal fitness progress (including before and after photos) from people willing to submit them, feature fitblr blogs that are worth sharing to their own followers, share unique recipes they developed on their own, offer motivational support to those in need and even offer helpful advice based on personal knowledge and experience to followers who ask.

In short, joining the fitblr community is like gaining a whole bunch of new friends with similar interests plus additional knowledge and experience that may benefit you as you work on reaching your own health and fitness goals. Unlike Instagram and Pinterest, where it's easy to get a ton of followers, likes, comments and repins, Tumblr makes it easier to interact and follow community activity with the help of features like added captions to reblogged content, the submission page, the "ask" page and private messaging.

Ready to get inspired and start participating in Tumblr's fitblr community? You can browse the fitblr tag on Tumblr to get a glimpse at the types of content that the users of this community love to share.