What Is 'Epeen'? What Does Epeen Mean?

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Question: What Is 'Epeen'? What Does Epeen Mean?

Answer: "Epeen" (e-peen; epeen) is a harsh term used to mock someone's inflated ego as being an "electronic penis". It is used to insult those online users who deem themselves superior to others.
In the case of online communities like forums and MMO games, there will always be egoists with superiority complexes. These egoists are known for their excessive bragging, regular condescending comments to others, and an overall abrasive nature. Nobody likes egoists, so it is common in virtual communities for people to mock these egoists by referring to their 'electronic penises' being bigger than others. Indeed, to have someone refer to your epeen is to have someone insult you.
Examples of epeen usage:

  • Can you believe the size of that guy's epeen? I'm so glad he logged out...I couldn't handle any more of his stupid bragging.
  • Chill out, dude! No one cares about your epeen, so why don't you ease down on the insults and start contributing here like an adult?
  • What's the point of all your bickering? Are you trying to show off your epeen? If so, please stop, because it's getting really boring really fast.
  • Enough with the condescending epeen comments! Yes, you're an awesome player, is that what you want to hear? Can we move on now?


More examples of epeen usage: 

  • Brag much? Your epeen hasn't been stroked recently?
  • I'm watching trade chat and it's quite entertaining. Two nerds from Boston are epeening over how to PVP as healers. Must be 12 yo kids with acne problems.
  • I am mighty, see my epeen! I am the greatest geek to ever grace this game!
  • I hate leveling a character on PVP servers. Too many kids with epeens needing to feel superior, it takes me 45 minutes just to turn in one stupid quest because these retards keep spawn camping my body.

The epeen expression, like many cultural curiousities of the Internet, is a part of modern English communication.
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