A Guide to the Color Corporate Blue

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Long considered a corporate color, blue—especially medium and dark blue—is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. What shade of blue is the true corporate blue? There's no real consensus. Several blue shades can be called corporate blue.

The dark blue, blue-gray and medium blue colors shown in the sidebar image represent various visions and versions of corporate blue.

Corporate Blue Color Meanings

Blue colors, such as corporate blue, are strong and steadfast as well as calming. Use corporate blue for logos, websites, and brochures to signify trustworthiness and authority. Very dark blues, such as navy and midnight blue evoke confidence and authority. The color appears in connection with the military and police. 

The cool color blue is universally liked by both men and women. In the West "something blue" is a bridal tradition representing love. It is the color of mourning in Iran. "Feeling blue" evokes extreme sadness and lack of strong emotion. Some feel that corporate blue is stodgy.

Using Corporate Blue in Design Files

Dark blue can be used as a neutral color. Navy is elegant and sophisticated. Pair it with gray for a formal business project or with yellow for a casual eye-catching color combination.

Medium blues are fresh colors that are soothing. They can be used year-round. Steel blue and other grayish blues are subdued and suggest quiet authority.

Combine light and dark blue to convey trust and truthfulness — banker's colors. Add a dash of orange to dark blue for emphasis or pair blue and dark green for a cool palette.

Color Selections

The corporate blue colors listed here match the shades in the sidebar graphic. Use the Hex color designations if you are designing for HTML or CSS, the RGB color breakdown if your document will be viewed on a computer monitor and the CMYK designations if your document is destined for print.

  • Corporate Blue by lanemik: Hex #36648b | RGB 54,100,139 | CMYK 61,28,0,45
  • A blue-gray corporate blue: Hex #587094 | RGB 88,112,148 | CMYK 41,24,0,42
  • A blue-gray corporate blue: Hex #4c6980 | RGB 76,105,128 | CMYK 41,18,0,50
  • Ford Corporate Blue: Hex #1351d8 | RGB 19,81,216 | CMYK 91,63,0,15
  • Browser-safe medium blue: Hex #003399 | RGB 0,51,153 | CMYK 100,67,0,40
  • Browser-safe dark blue: Hex #000033 | RGB 0,0,51 | CMYK 100,100,0,80

Spot Colors Closest to Corporate Blue

  • Corporate Blue by lanemik: Pantone Solid Coated 2160 C
  • A blue-gray corporate blue: Pantone Solid Coated 2138 C
  • A blue-gray corporate blue: Pantone Solid Coated 2167 C
  • Ford Corporate Blue: Pantone Solid Coated 2368 C
  • Browser-safe medium blue: Pantone Solid Coated 2370 C
  • Browser-safe dark blue: Pantone Solid Coated 2765 C
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