What Are the Yahoo Mail POP Settings?

Email settings you need in order to download messages

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The Yahoo Mail POP server settings are required by email clients so that they understand where and how to download incoming Yahoo emails.

If you get errors in your email client that explain that it can't access Yahoo Mail or isn't able to download new emails, you might have the wrong POP server settings configured.

Note: While the POP settings are necessary for downloading emails, the Yahoo Mail SMTP server settings are needed too, so that the email program can send email through your account.

Yahoo Mail POP Server Settings

  • Yahoo Mail POP server address: pop.mail.yahoo.com
  • Yahoo Mail POP user name: Your Yahoo Mail user name (e.g. "examplename" is the user name for the "examplename@yahoo.com" email address).

    Note: Some email clients might require that you use the full address. If using just the user name doesn't work, try attaching the end to the address too, to include the the "@yahoo.com" section.
  • Yahoo Mail POP password: Your Yahoo Mail password
  • Yahoo Mail POP port995
  • Yahoo Mail POP TLS/SSL required: yes

Note: A preferred way for most people to access their email account in an email program is through IMAP. See the Yahoo Mail IMAP server settings for those details.