What Are the Yahoo Mail POP Settings?

Email Settings You Need in Order to Download Messages

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The Yahoo Mail POP server settings are required by email clients so that they understand where and how to download incoming Yahoo emails.

If you get errors in your email client that explain that it can't access Yahoo Mail or isn't able to download new emails, you might have the wrong POP server settings configured.

While the POP settings are necessary for downloading emails, the Yahoo Mail SMTP server settings are needed too, so that the email program can send email through your account.

Yahoo Mail POP Server Settings

  • Yahoo Mail POP server address: pop.mail.yahoo.com.
  • Yahoo Mail POP username: Your Yahoo Mail username (e.g. "examplename" is the username for the "examplename@yahoo.com" email address).
    • Some email clients might require that you use the full address. If using just the username doesn't work, try attaching the end to the address also, to include the "@yahoo.com" section.
  • Yahoo Mail POP password: Your Yahoo Mail password.
  • Yahoo Mail POP port995.
  • Yahoo Mail POP TLS/SSL required: yes.

Yahoo Mail Help

A common reason for not being able to access Yahoo Mail is mistyping the password. If you know you're typing the "correct" password but it's not working after repeated tries, consider that you may have actually forgotten it.

Fortunately, you can recover your Yahoo email password if you've forgotten it. Once you have, consider storing your password in a free password manager to keep it accessible.

If you know the password is correct, the email program you're using might be what's preventing you from downloading your Yahoo Mail emails. If it's not compatible with newer email protocols or there's some other program-specific reason for why it won't reach Yahoo's email servers, first try to access your email through the Yahoo Mail website. If it works there, consider trying a different email program.​

There are lots of free email clients for Windows if you're not sure what to go with. There are also plenty of free email clients for macOS.

If you can't send or receive your Yahoo Mail messages, your antivirus program or firewall application might be to blame if either is blocking a necessary port needed for communicating with the Yahoo Mail server. Temporarily disable either program if you suspect that's the case, and then open the port if you find that it's blocked. 995 is used for POP while 465 and 587 are for SMTP.

Yahoo Mail used to require that you enable POP access from your account before you use the settings from above to download messages to an email client. However, this is no longer the case, meaning you can access Yahoo Mail through the POP server mentioned above without needing to first log in to your account in a browser and make changes to the settings.


When POP is used for downloading emails, anything you read, send, move, or delete from your device is only stored on that one device. POP functions as a one-way sync, where messages are downloaded but cannot be changed on the server.

For example, you can read a message on your phone, computer, tablet, etc., but it won't be marked as read from your other devices unless you go to those devices and mark the email as read there, too. 

A similar scenario comes to sending emails. If you send an email from your phone, you cannot view that sent message from your computer, and vice versa. With POP for Yahoo, you're unable to see what you sent unless you access that same device and go through the list of sent items. 

These "issues" aren't a problem with Yahoo Mail but are instead inherent limitations in POP. IMAP is often used in place of POP to overcome these restrictions and provide a full two-way sync so that you can manipulate the emails and email folders on the server from any device.

However, IMAP server settings are used to download messages using specific IMAP email servers, not POP servers. You'll need to configure the email program with the Yahoo Mail IMAP settings in order to connect over IMAP.