Windows Live Hotmail POP Settings

Download Hotmail messages with these server settings

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Windows Live Hotmail was Microsoft's free web-based email service, designed to be accessed via the web from any machine on the internet. Microsoft transitioned Hotmail in 2013 to with an updated user interface and improved features. Outlook is now the official name of Microsoft's email service. People with Hotmail email addresses access their email at They use their regular Hotmail email address to log in through that link.

Windows Live Hotmail POP Settings

The Windows Live Hotmail POP server settings to download incoming messages to your email program or to send email messages is the same as the POP server settings.

Use these settings when connecting your email client to your Hotmail account:

  • Hotmail POP server address:
  • Hotmail POP user name: Your full email address (not an alias)
  • Hotmail POP Password: Your password
  • Hotmail POP port: 995
  • Hotmail POP Encryption method: SSL
  • Hotmail POP TLS/SSL encryption required: yes
  • Hotmail SMTP Server:
  • Hotmail SMTP port: 587

About Outlook.Com was introduced in July 2012 and fully launched in April 2013, at which time all Hotmail users transitioned to with the option of keeping their Hotmail addresses or updating to an email address. Users were instructed to access in their web browsers.

In 2015, Microsoft moved to an infrastructure it described as Office 365-based. In 2017, Microsoft entered an opt-in beta of for users who wanted to test upcoming changes. Reportedly those changes include a faster inbox and an emoji search as well as an introduction of the Photos Hub, which is the fifth component of