Windows Live Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync Settings

How to use Exchange ActiveSync with Hotmail

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Connecting to your Windows Live Hotmail email account with the Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync server lets you access incoming messages and online folders in an Exchange-enabled email client on your mobile device.

Although Windows Live Hotmail has been replaced by Outlook Mail and accessing your emails online is done through, the email server settings and other information below is still accurate when it comes to Hotmail and Exchange.

You can also access Windows Live Hotmail using POP3, and send mail from Hotmail using SMTP.

Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync Settings

  • Windows Live Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync server address:
  • Windows Live Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync domain: (leave empty)
  • Windows Live Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync user name: Your full Windows Live Hotmail address (e.g.
  • Windows Live Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync password: Your Windows Live Hotmail password
  • Windows Live Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync TLS/SSL encryption required: yes

More Help With Using Hotmail and Exchange

Hotmail and might appear similar when it comes to accessing mail from a web browser but when using Exchange, it's important to stick to specific settings. Use the above information if you have a address. If your email address ends with, you need an entirely different set of instructions

If it's been a while since you last used your Hotmail account or your password is complex, try logging into your account online via to ensure your account is in good standing and your password is current.

If you can't log in to Hotmail through that link either, return to the sign-in page and enter your email address, but then choose Forgot my password on the second page. That step launches the wizard to recover your Windows Live Hotmail password.

There are plenty of apps you can install on your mobile device to access Hotmail using the Exchange ActiveSync settings listed above. Email is one example of a free Exchange-ready email client on the iPhone, and Android users can install the Microsoft Outlook app. You can also set up Windows Live Hotmail on Windows Phone and a Nokia phone. 

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