What Are the FastMail IMAP Settings?

The FastMail IMAP server settings for accessing incoming FastMail messages, as well as online folders from any email program are:

FastMail IMAP SettingsĀ 

  • FastMail IMAP server address: mail.messagingengine.com
  • FastMail IMAP user name: Your full FastMail email address (including "@fastmail.fm" or whichever domain you are using with FastMail)
  • FastMail IMAP password: Your FastMail password
  • FastMail IMAP port: 993 (alternative: 992)
  • FastMail IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes
  • FastMail IMAP STARTTLS required: no
  • FastMail IMAP root folder: INBOX (alternative with port 992: leave blank)

To send mail through FastMail from the email program as well, see the

As a simple alternative to IMAP access, you can use POP; see the

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