What Are Snapchat Scores and How Can You Find Yours?

Every Snapchat user has a score and here's what it means

Snapchat is awesome and loads of fun to use, but the app has a lot of features nowadays. For example, what in the world are Snapchat scores? This calculation of the snaps sent and received and the stories you've posted reflects your overall engagement with the app.

No other big social network uses a scoring system by assigning numbered points to its users, so what's the deal?

What Is a Snapchat Score?

According to Snapchat, your score is determined by a "special equation" that incorporates all of the different ways you use Snapchat, including:

  • The number of snaps you send
  • The number of snaps you receive
  • Stories you post
  • Other stuff, apparently — whatever that means!

The more snaps you send and receive and the more stories you post, the higher your score will climb. It's unclear how often Snapchat recalculates users' scores, but it probably refreshes at least every week or so. It may be recalculated every day or every hour to remain up to date.

How to Find Your Snapchat Score

User icon, Snapchat score on iOS

To see what your own Snapchat score is, tap on your Snapchat profile/Bitmoji picture in the upper left corner of any tab to see your snapcode screen.

Beneath your snapcode, you should see a small number right beside your username. This is your Snapchat score.

Want to see how many snaps you've sent and how many you've received since you created your account? Just tap your Snapchat score to see two numbers take the place of your username and current score. The number on the left represents the number of snaps you've sent while the number on the right represents the number of snaps you've received. If you try adding these two numbers up, they won't quite equal your current score—suggesting that extra points are earned for increased snap activity.

How Does Your Snapchat Score Go Up?

Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn't give us much of any information on why we should work on increasing our scores. While scores used to help users earn trophies, that feature was discontinued in 2020. In its place, Snapchat recommends using Charms, which are special mementoes used to celebrate your friendships. When your score reaches a certain level, you may receive a Score Charm.

It's possible that those who have higher scores may also get access to other Snapchat features, such as premium lenses. Overall, however, Snapchat is cagey about their scoring algorithm and how exactly it accumulates.

Is It Important to Increase Your Snapchat Score?

Snapchat does not provide official details on what having a higher score can do for users. So, it's not really all that important to increase your Snapchat score. That could very well change in the near future, however, considering that Snapchat is evolving fast and rolling out new features all the time.

How to See Your Friends' Snapchat Scores

Back in the day, before Snapchat rolled out several different app updates, you used to be able to tap on a friend's username to see their Snapchat score. This isn't possible anymore with the current app version, but there are a couple of sneaky ways you can check your friends' scores.

These two techniques only work for users you've added as friends (and have added you back). Sorry, but you can see just any Snapchat user's score!

From Conversations

Swipe right on any friend in your current conversations tab to open a chat with them. Then tap their profile/Bitmoji picture in the top left. You'll see that friend's Snapchat score listed directly beneath their name.

From Search

Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of any tab and start typing the name or username of a friend. Snapchat will automatically locate their friend listing, showing you their Snapchat score beneath their name.

How to Keep Increasing Your Snapchat Score

While Snapchat keeps the importance of scores on the down-low, you can keep using Snapchat and work on increasing your score just for fun. You can do this by:

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