Free Ping Tools for Network Troubleshooting

Free Ping Tools for Network Troubleshooting

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Ping tools (sometimes called ping commands or ping utilities) are software utility programs that use the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to determine the availability and responsiveness of network hosts. Ping tools sometimes also provide other related network troubleshooting features.

Ping on Your Computer

On Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers, the 'ping' tool can be run from the operating system command prompt (Terminal applet on Mac OS X).

On Macintosh OS X, you can also run the 'ping' tool from inside the Network Utility applet, Ping tab.

3rd Party Ping Tools

Various free third-party ping tools are available on the Internet for download. Compared to the standard operating system ping commands, these tools typically provide a graphical interface and sometimes include charts to track statistics of ping tests run over time. Examples of graphical ping tools include Konst Pinger and Ping Plotter.

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