Setting Up Here Are the SMTP Settings You Need

Use these settings to send messages from another provider

An illustration of a person inputting the SMTP Server settings in an email form/

 ©Lifewire offers free and premium email addresses for use at its website, which is accessible from any web browser. In addition to email, the website includes a worldwide news portal that contains information on entertainment, sports, politics, technology and other areas of interest to its users. The company recognizes that some users may prefer to access messages using a different email provider or app so they can receive and reply to all their emails in one place. To synchronize your email account with a different email service or app, you need to input specific server settings.

SMTP server settings are needed to send email from a account through a different email provider. The settings are the same for any email provider you use with — where desktop or mobile. If you want to collect and manage your email from a different email client or app, you have to enter all the right information into the client.

The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers are different from the SMTP servers of other email providers. Each provider has unique settings.

SMTP servers are only used for outgoing mail. The incoming server settings are either POP3 or IMAP. You'll need those too. Default SMTP Settings

As you set up an email provider to synchronize with your account, you'll get to a screen that asks for your SMTP information. Use the following settings:

  • SMTP server address:
  • SMTP username: Your full email address (
  • SMTP password: Your password
  • SMTP: port: 587 (alternatives: 465 and 25)
  • SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes (no can be used as an alternative)'s Default POP3 and IMAP Settings

Incoming mail that you receive from other people can only be downloaded to your email client if you're using the right POP3 or IMAP server settings. To download mail from your account to your preferred email program, use the correct POP3 or IMAP server settings for when you set up the preferred email program POP3 Server Settings

  • POP server address:
  • POP username: Your full email address (
  • POP password: Your password
  • POP port: 995 (alternative: 110)
  • POP TLS/SSL required: yes (no, if you use port 110) IMAP Settings

  • IMAP server address:
  • IMAP username: Your full email address (
  • IMAP password: Your password
  • IMAP port: 993 (alternative: 143)
  • IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes (no, if you use port 143)

After you enter all the necessary settings, you'll be able to send and receive messages using your preferred email service or app and manage your inbox and other folders located at You can continue to use all the features available at the website interface in a browser as well.