What Are the Mail.com POP3 Settings?

Looking for the Mail.com POP3 server settings? POP3, or Post Office Protocol version 3,  is a standard mail protocol that allows you to receive emails from one email program, in another email program. It also allows you to download email messages to your computer so you can read them later. Here are the Mail.com Premium POP3 server settings for downloading mail from Mail.com to any email program.

Mail.com POP3 Server Settings

  • Mail.com POP server address: pop.mail.com
  • Mail.com POP user name: Your full Mail.com email address (say, "example@mail.com")
  • Mail.com POP password: Your Mail.com password
  • Mail.com POP port: 995 (alternative: 110)
  • Mail.com POP TLS/SSL required: yes (if you use port 110: no)

To send mail through your Mail.com account from any email program, see the  Mail.com SMTP server settings. Note that Mail.com IMAP access is a flexible alternative to POP access.