Here Are the POP3 Settings

Use these settings to set up in a separate email application

An illustration of a person inputting the POP3 Server settings in an email form/


If you use Outlook or another email application, set it up to manage multiple email addresses. When you do, point Outlook to the right place to retrieve and send your messages for each account. You'll input various settings during this process, including Post Office Protocol (POP) settings. POP (also known as POP3 to include the current version number) is a standard mail protocol that receives emails. It also downloads email messages to your computer so you can read them later.

To send mail through your account, use the SMTP server settings. POP3 Server Settings

Here are the POP3 server settings to download mail to any email program:

  • POP server address:
  • POP user name: Your full email address (for example, "")
  • POP password: Your password
  • POP port: 995 (alternative: 110)
  • POP TLS/SSL required: yes (For port 110: no)